Now that Christmas is over, what’s your plan?

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas. Have you started to think about what you want next year?  Maybe, like me, you’ve been mulling it over for a while?  If you don’t have a plan or are feeling a bit flat after the festivities, I want to inspire you with a tale about a very special lady, in her nineties who in who paid me a visit this Christmas.

Miles of inspiration from The Valley to Costa Blanca

Meet Ruth.  Ruth is my Grandad’s sister and she is quite frankly, in my opinion, the Bionic Woman.  My cousins are sooo lucky to have a rocking Nana like her.  Not only does she look amazing, but she is all about….together….with it…..whatever you want to call it.  She can still hear and see clearly.  You and I may take this for granted, however  did I mention that this lady is 93?!  God love her even though, she beat me at cards.  My lame excuse is that she’s had half a century’s more practise than me.  Yeah it’s pretty lame but I’m sticking to it.


What is the secret to a long, carefree and happy life?

Nana Ruth or Nana Spain  (as she is affectionately known) moved to Calpe in Spain and reduced the stress in her life.  She’s retired to the Med after years of successfully running her own fish and chip shop.  Today, her life is very different.  She loves the Spanish way of life – sunshine, fresh produce, no alcohol, no smoking, large circle of friends and a big social life.  She told me about her walking, her wins at Bingo and her all night prayer sessions at church.

She loves life. She loves people. She loves food. She loves laughter.

She has a fantastic sense of fun and cheeky playfulness. She laughs often.  She laughs often and loud.  I thought that was her secret when I asked her how she had got to 91 being as fit, healthy and happy as she is.  She knows that happiness is an inside job and she makes sure she gets her daily dose of the good life. If you want to know how happy your family, then take the test today.

Mind over matter!

It’s more about attitude than anything else.  It’s more about where your head’s at and how you chose to view life than anything else.  Nana Ruth has a sparkly twinkle in her eye; one of mischief and determination.  She has steely grit and gumption.  She told me that when she sets her mind to anything, she’s committed to doing it.  I love her strong will and single-mindedness.  It must be a family trait as I don’t seem to be lacking in that either!

Nana Ruth told me that her life is worry-free as she knows that there are things she could worry about. Although she makes a conscious choice not to as it’s a waste of time. She is fearless.  Come on, how many people can say that at all?  Let alone when they are her age?!

This gorgeous Senorita enjoys what she has and is grateful for that.  She is lucky and blessed by her family, her friends, her health – the simplicity of all that her life is today.

Love your life!

Who needs new year’s resolutions when you can do something that takes minimum effort, maximum effect?  When the clock strikes twelve, start your New Year by changing your attitude to life.  Love your life.  Love what you have.  Live, love, eat, enjoy or whatever it is that makes you happy.  Oh and more importantly don’t forget to laugh often.

I can help you and your family feel motivated and more enthusiastic for this year. Come along and join us at The Energy Pod every Monday at 5pm. This is my online coaching club for families who are seriously committed to living their best life.

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