I hope you’re all okay. I’ve received lots of requests and questions about how to adjust to the current Coronavirus situation.

Self-care is a priority for all of us right now!

If it helps, I am finding it hard too. I’m swinging between immense gratitude and love for the innate goodness that people are showing at this time, and total overwhelm followed by many tears to release the fear.

The other night my heart was happy listening to Robbie Williams live-streaming his Coronavirus Karaoke to ten thousand people from his bed. I could feel his energy and good intent via the magic of Instagram and it was utter joy. The overwhelm of my feelings as I experience fear, joy, gratitude and love all at once is beautiful but quite exhausting. How are you getting on with it all?

Please take care of you! You are not alone!

I live alone and am very vocal about my introvert tendencies, but choosing something and having it imposed are two very different things. Especially if you are a rebel or a highly sensitive person like me! It’s very easy to slip into weekend behaviour –  slide into Netflix or scroll your life away, but this is not the path to strong mental health.

A better way to look at social distancing and distance learning is an opportunity to do life differently. A spiritual retreat. A self-development sabbatical.

It’s most certainly a test of our faith + belief in the Universe.

I want you to know that I am here to help you and I am happy to share with you what is helping me at this time. You can find me on Instagram and Pinterest sharing my newfound wisdom. I have been doing daily card reads with the Smiley Thought Cards and helping people tap out their fear in my Instagram stories and as long as you want my help, I am here.

Everybody is doing their best!

In these rather strange times, I wanted to give you some Smiley loving, hope and guidance to make it through the coming weeks. However, you are feeling is YOUR response to a very frightening, uncertain and, for some, life-threatening situation. Please know, that our bodies want to keep us safe and they send us messages to help us work out what we need. Nothing or nobody is doing it wrong. Everybody is doing their best.

With that being said, here is my survival guide for learning and being at home together. Please share it with your friends and teachers, schools or anybody that is looking for support and helpful resources right now (use the social media share buttons at the bottom of the page).



1. Emotional Safety is Everything!

‘We cannot learn anything when we feel overwhelmed by our feelings or unsafe. The priority every day is to manage our emotional state and bring ourselves back to calm.’ ~ Smiley Coach Lisa

It’s time to get out your emotional thermostat and take the temperature because right now a lot of us are operating in survival mode. This means our responses will be disproportionate to the threat. So our first priority is to ground and protect our energy so we feel safe. Our children show us that they are feeling unsafe by asking for our attention in ways that push our buttons or they act out (have meltdowns, get very emotional) or act in (withdraw, go quiet or hide). Some of us may be in shock or in denial about the situation. Whatever response you’re having is okay, but it will really help you at this time, to take charge of your emotional wellbeing.

SMILEY HELPERS: This will help you to ground and centre yourselves 

✔ ‘Into the Forest  is a free guided visualisation which will help dissolve anxiety and uncomfortable feelings and kick in the part of your brain that calms you down. Do it every day either on waking or at bedtime to create a feeling of safety which builds over time.

2. Keep Your Greenhouse Full of Love

Imagine you’re growing plants in a greenhouse. What do they need to help them bloom? We are metaphorically, in our own greenhouses right now. So it’s very important that we make sure the environment is high-vibe, loving, kind, compassionate, and full of nourishment for our scared hearts.

When we are full of fear, our instinct is to control (the uncontrollable) and by doing so we focus on behaviour. Try and re-frame that: all behaviour is created by feelings. Dealing with the feelings is a better use of your energy (frayed nerves) during this time. If you are able to help each other with all your feelings right now, you will find it much easier.

SMILEY HELPERS: This will help you to ensure your child feels safe and protected at this time

✔ ‘Worrier to Warrior Parents Free Training’ will tell you what your survival response is and what you can do about that. By managing your own response, you will feel more in control, less likely to spiral into fear and keep your sanity during this time.

✔ ‘Rediscover the Magic of Parenting in 30 Days’ will give you one thing you can do a day to keep connected, grounded and calm as a family.

3. Set Up A New Routine

Routines are created by repetition and consistency over time, and they help us feel safe because we know what is coming next. In times of uncertainty and enforced change, start creating a new routine today. Get your kids to buy in – they will be more likely to co-operate and decide as a family what is important to each one of you. Everybody gets to contribute and everybody feels heard. Write it down and put it up where everybody can see it. Get your colouring pencils and stickers out – it’s time for all those stationery addicts to style it out!

SMILEY HELPERS: I have a great routine for you to try which prioritises emotional wellbeing 

✔ ‘You’re Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile is an easy 5 step plan which promotes gratitude, mindfulness, a growth mindset which creates happiness from the inside out.

4. Make learning fun + playful again

Children learn best when they are relaxed, having fun and playing. This is a new possibility at home because you are managing the learning environment. A sprinkle of creativity, dancing, music and fun is the order of the day. It raises your energetic vibration (mood) and keeps your immunity strong. You can also learn so much from song lyrics, movies and books. All excellent discussion and learning material. It doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy-shmancy. Give yourself permission to have fun with it.

SMILEY HELPERS: Inject some fun into your daily learning routine

✔ ‘Truly Madly Smiley Podcast is a fun way to learn more about life, yourself and your emotions. It comes with a helpful downloadable guide so you can get the most out of each episode.

‘Help I Had a Bad Day!’ is a brilliant creative coaching activity that builds emotional resilience and reminds you that you can cope with anything (including all the random stuff that is going on right now!). Bring your crayons and paper to the iPad and download the video. Away you go!

5. Have time out +scheduled quiet time

Especially for highly sensitive, introverted and worried children who find any kind of change difficult and need lots of alone time to recharge. I am one and I have been regularly wrapping myself up in a blanket burrito and hugging my hot water bottle. Whatever you need! No judgement here.

SMILEY HELPERS: If it’s hard to sit still during this time, here are some things which will keep you quiet while you relax.

✔ ‘Stuck Between Two Worlds is my first book that helps all intuitive, sensitive, creative and introverted peeps learn how to survive in a noisy extroverted world where you may feel different/wrong/left out. It also has some really fun and practical tools for helping you cope with that.

‘The Energy of Sensitivity’ is just one of the 22 downloads (it’s #15) in my feelings library and has lots of calming and practical coping tools for sensitive children.

Click the purple button to download the cheat sheet. Then click on the square that will help you most. It will take you straight to the resource you need.

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