For the last couple of months, I’ve been helping you via the magic of Facebook Live to answer your burning questions about all things children. I use the priceless and valuable insights from my coaching room and transform them into practical and helpful tools so you can give your child what they need to flourish in life.

This week I have been sent a question by a child who feels alone and wants to fit in at school. This is a question which comes to the coaching room a lot so I thought I’d shine a light on it and help others too.


Dear Smiley

I watch your videos on YouTube because I came to one of your workshops when I was 8. It was great fun and I learnt how to speak up in class and how to choose the right friends. I am 12 now and I know you are answering questions for parents but could you answer a question for me?

I still feel like the odd one out. I feel like I don’t belong to a friendship group and there isn’t anybody who really gets me. I would love a group of friends to spend my time with.

I do have one really good friend but recently she wasn’t at school and I felt very lonely. It’s like people stare at me when I walk into the classroom without her and I know there are a few girls who laugh at me. They tease me because I don’t have a boyfriend and I like different things to them. I’m not really into make up or fashion. I like reading and drawing. I don’t often want to go to school because I worry that if my friend isn’t there, I will have nobody.

I am quite shy and I wonder if this is why people don’t like me because I’m boring and no fun to be with. Is there anything I can do to get people to like me?


#neverfitin x

Watch the video below and find out what happened in this week’s episode of Dear Smiley!

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