Every week, I jump on line and via the magic of Facebook Live answer your burning questions about all things children. I use the priceless and valuable insights from my coaching room and transform them into practical and helpful tools so you can give your child what they need to flourish in life.

This week we hear from a Mum whose family is being totally ruled by homework and all the emotional turmoil that brings for her 10 year old son. I’m sure there are lot of you who are experiencing the same. Let’s see what helps.


Dear Smiley

I feel awful but I dread school pick up because every day we face the hellish homework. It really is hellish for him and for all of us. My son is 10 years old, but I am scared that if it is like this now, what will it be like when he goes to secondary school?

We have an almighty stand off when we get home because he faffs about, wants to watch TV or play outside on the trampoline. It hangs over the evening, prolongs the agony and we know what’s coming.

We’ve tried lots of different things: I sometimes will sit with him which helps, but then other times he gets angry with me and it somehow becomes my fault because I don’t know how to do it either.

I end up sending him to his room to calm down where he sobs and sobs. This week, he started to call himself dumb and stupid which is actually breaking my heart.  I feel helpless but also want all the emotional outbursts to stop. The bad atmosphere goes way into the evening and my son seems to be so upset by it.

I’ve thought about getting him a tutor or speaking to the school for help but I keep hearing you say that I shouldn’t rescue my children and leave them to figure it out for themselves.  Any suggestions?


A Sad Mum from the Hellish Homework House of Surrey x

Watch the video below and find out what happened in this week’s episode of Dear Smiley!

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