Every week, I jump online and via the magic of Facebook Live answer your burning questions about all things growing up in this mad, crazy busy world we have created. I believe we are failing our children if we don’t give them the tools they need to cope. By coping I mean bouncing back from the challenges and disappointments.

Recently we have been talking about how to cope with exam stress, but this week we are talking about how it feels to lose and trying to understand more about our anger. Do you or your child anger quickly? Are there certain things which push your buttons?

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Dear Smiley

l am 10 years old and I want to ask your advice about something which feels out of control.  I am the top goal scorer for my football team. I play every week and train very hard. Football makes me very happy except when we lose. My Dad says I am a bad loser and if I don’t learn how to be a good sportsman I will lose friends. I find it really hard to control my temper. As soon as I have calmed down I feel bad about what I have said and done. I also worry I am going to get sent off. I would be very angry if I couldn’t play. I don’t know how to stay calm. Please can you help me?

From A Fiery Footballer x

Watch the video below and find out what happened in this week’s episode of Dear Smiley!

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