Every week, I jump online and via the magic of Facebook Live answer your burning questions about all things life and growing up in this mad, crazy busy world we have created. Recently we have been talking about not being able to put your hand up in class, but this week we are talking about preparing for exams and not letting school work take over your weekend. Do you get Sunday back-to-school blues?

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Dear Smiley

I am a very stressed 11 year old boy taking end of year exams and my Mum told me to write to see if you can help. I am not sleeping very well as it takes me ages to get to sleep. My mind is busy thinking about all the work I have done. I worry I won’t remember what I need to.

I have done quite a bit of revision but it doesn’t seem to be enough to satisfy my worries. I want to stay up late and do more and more. I panic that I won’t remember everything. I feel sick in the morning when I wake up and I am tired too. I watch the clock tick by and wish I could go to sleep as everybody says I need a good rest before a test. It feels like more pressure.

I think school is OK, but I would rather be doing other things. I like it when we have swimming on a Monday because it gives me something to look forward to. Most Sundays around about 4pm, I start to think about school. I dread it being Monday and I don’t want the weekend to finish. Does everybody feel like this and is there anything I can do to stop stressing, get more sleep and not ruin Sundays by worrying about school?

 Love Super Stressed of Surrey x

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