Every week, I jump on line and via the magic of Facebook Live answer your burning questions about all things life and growing up in this mad crazy busy world we have created. Recently, we’ve been talking about friendships, but this week we are talking about putting your hand up in class and asking for help. How good are you at asking for help? What stops you from asking?

It doesn’t matter how much you gently nudge and whisper ‘go on’ to your child. If you don’t like asking for help, your child is watching and learning from you!

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Dear Smiley

You may be surprised that I’m writing to ask for help, but it feels safer to do it from behind the iPad. I hope you can help.

At a recent parent’s evening, my teacher told my parents that if I spoke up in class more, I would get more out of lessons. I felt really embarrassed when my parents told me. They said they were surprised as I’m such a chatter box at home. I tried to explain to them that it’s hard for me to talk in front of groups.

I find this really difficult. It’s like somebody has stolen my voice and I feel like everybody is looking at me. I worry that I will get the answer wrong and people will laugh at me. It has happened before and I hated it. I don’t like big groups. Last year on holiday I went to a festival with my family and at times, when it was too noisy or there were lots of people pushing, I felt scared. I didn’t tell anybody.

I’m a bit cross because I try so hard with my homework and get good grades. I feel I could try a bit harder, but I don’t know what to do to make the words come out. Do you have any ideas?

Thanks for your help

Love Stunned and Silent, Surrey x

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