Every week, I jump on line and via the magic of Facebook Live answer your burning questions about all things children. I use the priceless and valuable insights from my coaching room and transform them into practical and helpful tools so you can give your child what they need to flourish in life.
This week we hear from a Lousy Mum who is feeling a bit out of her depth and who can blame her, we’ve all been there.


Dear Smiley


I love my kids but sometimes they drive me crazy. I watched your Half Term Gratitude Challenge and instantly felt like a terrible Mum. I felt bad knowing that I should be treasuring our time together. I look on Facebook at all of my friends with their kids and all their happy pictures and I feel worse.


Every school holiday, I find the intensity of us all being together too much. I literally feel overwhelm to the point where I want to get in my car and drive somewhere quiet. I’ve been reading your blog and I think I’ve become aware that my triggers are when they say: ‘I’m bored.’


Left to their own devices, this feels like all chaos will break loose and it inevitably does. They fight and argue. I cannot stand to hear that as any kind of raised voices and conflict makes me feel uncomfortable. That’s when I want to run. Instead I jump in and end up becoming part of the disagreement or being referee which doesn’t help.


What can I do to make it through the school holidays without losing myself and feeling this big dread? I try to hide it from them, but I’m sure they must know somehow. I don’t want them to feel unwanted by me either as I think we used to do this to my Mum when I was a kid.



A Lousy Mum x

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