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Episode 39 – The One with the Visit to Heaven

Life is a series of endings and new beginnings – a bit like chapters in a big book. With any ending comes loss and grief. Sometimes we have to grieve for situations and people who are still alive. Like when a family breaks up or when our friends move away. Death however is slightly different. It is part of life, but something which remains a mystery to us all. I’ve created this episode to help children understand death and make sense of it according to their little world. We will all have different beliefs about death and dying. Nobody is right or wrong because really we don’t know! Children have curious minds that are full of questions. When we don’t understand or we can’t make sense of something, it feeds our fear and anxiety.

Episode 37 – The One with the Curious Wildheart

Has anybody ever called you nosey? Is your brain like a crazy quizmaster constantly asking you questions and searching for answers? Does the thought of not knowing something leave you worried or scared?

In today’s episode my beautiful niece, Mia, is asking me all the questions about all the things. If you’re curious – not nosey but curious and you want to find out my favourite colour, what I hate about my job, how I became The Smiley Coach and what makes me angry or sad, then you had better get yourself comfy for a really juicy episode! Let’s dive in!

Episode 36 – The One with the Cat’s Bottom

Today’s episode is a little bit cray cray with lots of silly sayings to help you deal with rejection, loss, disappointment and failure. When you’re a sensitive soul, these things can go straight to our hearts and are really ouchy.  Here’s the thing: in life people and situations will disappoint us. We’re all different and other people aren’t like us. Sadly, the world isn’t always as we wish it was!

Episode 34 – The One with the Smiley Heart Message (September)

This month the message is about positivity, staying calm and embracing new beginnings. Listen to the message and learn how to tap into the warm sunny energy that new beginnings bring. This might be helpful if you are starting something new and you’re worried about how that might turn out. You can come and listen to this whenever you are doubting yourself or your feelings have gotten big and scary.

Episode 33 – The One with the Back to School Blues

How are you feeling about starting a new school term? Are you confident and excited about new stationery and seeing your friends again? Going back to school doesn’t feel like that for lots of us. When I think about school, I just feel worried about all the things I have to remember and how much there was to learn. I love to learn but I prefer to be an explorer and make school fun.

Episode 32 – The One with the Best News Ever

Squeeeeeeeeeeel! I’m celebrating and I want to celebrate my good news with you! Listen in today and hear how important it is to celebrate success (without showing off). We often forget to look at how far we’ve come and we tend to notice what is wrong or what we can’t do. Or we compare ourselves to others and wish we could be more like them! You’re not meant to be like them. Do you know why? Because you are you…and that is BRILLIANT! In the words of Dr Suess …

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

Episode 31 The One with the Furry Friendship

Today I want to talk about a very special friend of mine – he is called Moe. Moe is my friend’s dog and I take care of him when my friend goes away on holiday. Moe has taught me a lot about life. He shows me how to have more fun, more courage and be more loving. If you have a furry friend – a family pet – you will understand how they have their own little personalities and become like another member of your family. It doesn’t have to be a dog it can be a cat, a rabbit, a rat, a guinea pig or a fish. I know they have scales instead of fur but lots of children I work with have fish. It’s calming to watch them swim about in their tanks.

Episode 30 The One with Brilliant Ideas for Hungry Brains

Do you fully understand how your brain works and what makes it happy? On the Truly Madly Smiley Podcast, I’ve already talked a lot about how it’s important to feed your brain with the things that you want – goals and dreams for the future. It’s important to focus on the things we want and not what we don’t want. Otherwise, the worry train takes over and leads you into a big black hole that feels super scary. If you’ve got a creative super brain or a strong imagination, you will love this one!

Episode 29 The One with the Soothing Sleep Sounds

Do you have trouble settling at night time? Do your worries come alive at night or do you feel lonely lying in the dark on your own? That can’t be very nice for you. I want the night time to be a safe place for you to go and hang out with your good self! So, today, I have something, to make sure that you can drift off to sleep peacefully. It’s so important to make sure your brain and your body get enough sleep. It will make you super sleepy – so don’t listen to this in the car!

Episode 28 The One with the Smiley Cheerleaders

Have you ever got yourself in a funk with your worries and lost your confidence? Life can sometimes get super hard. You feel like you want to give up. It’s frustrating. Your brain can tell you that it’s never going to work out. This happens to me, and sometimes, I can be really hard on myself. The good news is that I have found a way to take my power back, and so I can help you too.

Episode 27 The One with the Raging Storm

Do you have a storm raging within you? Maybe you feel like it’s out of control and perhaps you’ve tried hard to contain it. Often it gets you into trouble and you end up saying things or doing things that you regret. That’s OK. I’ve done that too because we’re human and having a full range of emotions is part of that human experience. In today’s episode I want to get you to think about your anger in a different way, without judging it or making it wrong.

Episode 26 The One with the Horrendous Homework

When I say the word ‘homework’, I think all the children all over the world inwardly groan. I think teachers might a bit too because they have to set it and mark it which takes more time out of their day too. Homework is a loaded word. It causes drama, it’s a fun sucker and it seems pretty pointless to most of us. You work hard at school all day right? So why do you want to go home and do more of the same? Precisely!

So, in my usual Smiley stylie, I thought there must be a way to help you with this. There must be a way to show homework that you are the boss of it and it will not have that much power over your life. Let’s have a chat about that!

Episode 25 – The One with the Magical World

Let’s tap into the magic inside of us so that we can feel good as often as possible. Sometimes we don’t realise how powerful we can be and how to use that magic to help us. It’s like a muscle though, it needs exercise to strengthen it. This episode is great for worry warts *raises hand* and shouts ‘That’s me!’ because we’re prone to letting our naughty brains wander off on their own only to find they’ve tumbled down a big worry hole. Let’s take a different path that doesn’t have any of those and let’s learn to use our amazing imaginations.

Episode 24 – The One with the Bouncy Castle

Do you find it hard to pick yourself up again when life goes wrong? To bounce back from a broken friendship, a failed test, a low grade can be tricky. It takes time. Or what about when you’re not chosen for the team or play a particular part or role. It sucks I know.

Is that what failure feels like to you? The thing you really wanted to happen, feels out of your reach and you’re left wondering when it will be your turn? Well, you’re most certainly not a failure and in this episode, I’m going to tell you how to feel differently about failure using my Bouncy Castle skills. When it doesn’t happen for you or it’s not your turn, it’s all OK. The sky most certainly is not falling on our heads!

Episode 23 – The One with the Zone of Genius

If you’re a perfectionist, you will try to be good at everything. Or maybe you look at others and wish you were good at all the things they are good at. Now that’s pretty exhausting and you do know that nothing is perfect, don’t you?

So, let me make it easy for you. What if you were only born to be really good at one thing? And that one thing was something which didn’t take much effort and came really easily to you. Do you want to hang out with me today and work out what your one thing is? I call it your ‘Zone of Genius’ and it will make your life more enjoyable, fun and you can be more like you!

BONUS Friendship Workshop – Find the right friendships that bring out the best in you

In this mini-coaching session, you’ll learn what a true friend is, how you meet them and why we need different types of friends in our life. You’ll also discover the 3 friendship essentials and a fun game to help you get to know yourself. When you truly know yourself and accept yourself, the right type of friends show up without too much effort on your part.

Episode 22 – The One with the Revolving Door

Do you have a friend who one minute you’re all good and then you’re not? You feel like you go round in circles with them. Your head is dizzy and you’re tired. Talk about a high maintenance friendship.

Maybe you’re confused trying to figure out what you did wrong, but you remain loyal. You keep trying harder to make it work. You try harder and harder but still your friend isn’t happy. You wonder how you can get them to like you.

Oh no! I hope you don’t think you’re hard to love. I hope you don’t think that it’s you who needs to change to fit into the friendship.  You haven’t, have you? I think we need to talk about that today and see what your other choices are.

Episode 21 – The One with the Break Up Break Down

When you break up with a friend or say goodbye to somebody you love, it can feel like your heart is heavy. When you have a tricky friendship which is hurting you and breaking your heart, you’re faced with the decision of how to say goodbye. Either way, breaking up doesn’t need to be a total break down. I’ll tell you all about that in today’s episode and help you to help yourself feel better about the end of a friendship.