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BONUS 10 Days of Smiley Self-Talk

Are you ready to have fun using your voice to feel calm, confident and happy? I have 10 positive self-talk exercises to spark the magic that already lives inside of you. That’s one each day, for the next 10 days. All you need is your voice, a mirror, about 5 mins each day, aaaaaand….. your Wildheart courage. You’ll be feeling more and more like your confident self in no time at all!

Episode 69 – The One with the Big Voice Bathroom

Today, I’d like to invite you to the Big Voice Bathroom where we’ll be learning about the power of our voice. It can help us calm down, give us confidence and it can do some rather magical and clever tricks which will probably make you laugh too. It’s rather echoey in here so it will sound like lots of voices all cheering us on! I can’t wait to start. Are you ready to have some fun?

Episode 67 | Courage Chat #10 – Your Courage Questions

COURAGE CHAT #10 Your Courage Questions – – Why can’t I do it? Why isn’t it working? Is there something wrong with me? What am I doing wrong? I’m going to answer all your questions because whenever life gets tricky, your brain fires up with questions. And I love to help with that. In fact, because I’ve been learning how to do tricky things for over 10 years, I have the answers.

BONUS Get Ready for Bed: Release, Reflect + Relax

In this special bonus episode, Smiley talks about Release, Reflect and Relax as the 3 stages to get you to Sleepysville without stepping on the worry train. It’s really important that we understand our bodies and know how to take care of them. This is part of loving ourselves and treating ourselves with gentle loving kindness. We need rest after a hard day’s play or school. 

Episode 64 – The One with all the Surprise Gifts

Well! What a year 2020 has been. We weren’t expecting that, were we? As the magic of Christmas beckons, it’s time to see if it has left us any surprise gifts under the Christmas Tree. I’ve made you a hot chocolate with marshmallows, so come and sit with me for some festive chit-chat

Episode 56 | Courage Chat #1 – Getting Tricky with It

COURAGE CHAT #1 Getting Tricky With It – – let’s talk about all things tricky. Whether that’s making it through Corona Craziness, doing hard homework, sitting a test, public speaking, staying away from home for the first time, joining a new club, learning a new sport, speaking up in class…whatever it is that feels tricky to you (and we all have tricky things).

Smiley Shout Out – A Special Message for Tricky Times

You can do anything even when life gets tricky. Tricky times (hello Coronavirus), tricky things (starting something new or doing something for the first time) and I guess we could probably add tricky people into the mix. Life is full of trickiness, but when we believe in ourselves and we believe that we can handle anything life throws our way, it feels less scary and more peaceful. As the drama of the Corona Crazy unfolds, I want to help you feel as peaceful as possible.

Episode 55 – The One with the Comfort Zone

What happens outside of your comfort zone? All the good stuff – this is where all the exciting parts of life are, This is where we grow our confidence and learn more about the world and our place in it. This is where our dreams come true and how we reach our full potential. It’s why we are all here! So why then, do only 2% of the population step outside of their comfort zone and live their best life?