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“Brilliant. I cannot put into words how much my daughter LOVES TMS! She listens in bed and on the way to school. We’ve reduced falling asleep time from 2 hours to 20 minutes. We’ve had so many heart to hearts in the car on the way to school. It’s such an easy listen – very relatable and friendly. Like a wise auntie giving your child good advice! My daughter is always asking me when the next one will be released. I‘m so glad we found you.”

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Episode 50 – The One with the Fair Fight Club

Conflict resolution is an essential life skill. Conflict can be helpful as long as everybody fights fair. When people talk about things that upset or bother them openly, honestly and with kindness, they learn more about each other. This strengthens their bond. We want to improve our relationships, not hurt, hate or upset one another. Most conflicts are not meant to hurt on purpose and many are simply power struggles. Today, I’m going to talk to you about healthy conflict and how you can make that a sure thing in your homes and schools.

BONUS Workshop Summer Holiday Survival – Beat the boredom + squabbles

During the summer, families have more free quality time together. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on how you look it or what being together as a family means. Quite naturally, there can be lots of conflict, boredom and less time for you to decompress. In this mini-training I want to help you feel confident and prepared for the summer holidays, so you can really make the most of them.

Episode 49 – The One with the Game, Set + Screaming Match

What happens in your family when people disagree? Do you respect and calmly discuss your differing thoughts, feelings, opinions and ideas? Or do things often get to boiling point. Is there a big power struggle about who is right or wrong? Do people get told off and punished? Does anybody get hurt? Conflict is an important part of all human relationships. Not all disagreements have to be angry, sulky or scary. Let’s talk about that some more.

Episode 48 – The One with the Powerful Words

Words are powerful! They carry energy and they can build us up or they can bring us down. Grow your empathy and learn to think before you speak! Play a fun game and learn how your brain assigns meanings and memories to words. Become a scientist and discover this amazing experiment where you’ll get real proof that words can really have an effect on us.

Episode 47 – The One with the Magical Morning Routine

The way you start your day really sets the tone for what’s to come. Do you start slow and feel ready for the day ahead?

Or are you rushing about stressed – not able to enjoy it for fear of being late or forgetting something?

Today I’m going to share with you how you can make mornings more enjoyable and less stressful. I want you to start your day with a smile! Not one on your face – that would be nice, but even if you’re grumpy in the morning, you have an inner smile that you can activate.

Episode 46 – The One with the Curious Colourful Quiz

This one is a really exciting episode. We’re going to talk about the force. That’s your energy field or aura. We all have one and we have the power to change it. Want to learn more? You’ll need a piece of paper, some coloured pens. Find a quiet place to get comfy and listen in.

Episode 45 – The One with the Cabin Fever

Br-ring-ring! ‘Hello, this is the boredom hotline, Smiley speaking how can I help you?’ If you’re sick and tired of being at home, or feel like you might be going a little cray cray, why not call the boredom hotline. Smiley wants to help you with that. So if you’re fighting with each other, or feel fed up and don’t know what to do with yourself, we can use that as a chance to dig a bit deeper and see what’s going on. 

Episode 44 – The One with the Sunny Walk + Talk

As part of my new daily Coronavirus routine, I can only go outside to exercise once a day. Have you been moving your body and getting out in nature? We’re so lucky in the UK that it’s sunny here right now.

I’m going to take you with me – let’s enjoy a sunny walk and a talk together! I also wanted to check in and see how you’re getting on. I’m not going to tell you too much as I don’t want to spoil our adventure together. I hope you enjoy it!

Episode 43 – The One with the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has become a global pandemic and changed our daily life as we know it. The planet has slowed down, the schools are shut and people are being asked to stay at home. With all this time on our hands, can we turn this to our advantage or are we drowning in a sea of worry and feeling stuck with nothing to do. Let’s have a chat about that.

Episode 42 – The One with the Secret Sign Language

Life is full of unknowns and uncertainty. It really helps to know how to navigate unchartered territory without letting fear overwhelm you. It’s true to say that we all suffer with a little self-doubt sometimes. What if it doesn’t turn out okay? Am I making the right decision? What if I get it wrong? 

What if there was a secret sign language that could help us find our own way without having to ask 100 people on social media or all our friends in the playground? In this episode, I’m going to show you a little Smiley trick  that helps you tune in to your inner voice and find your way.

Episode 41 – The One with the Smiley Heart Message (November)

This month the message is about finding our place in the world. Listen to the message and learn how you make a difference and bring your own brand of awesomeness to the world. This might be helpful if you are nervous or not feeling very confident. We can chat about the things which might be holding you back.

Episode 40 – The One with the Boredom Busters

It’s October half term here in the UK and as exciting and fun as it is to have so much time and space away from school, I also know that into that space jumps sibling squabbles, endless requests for more sweets, screens and other items that require strict limits. Hold those boundaries firm – don’t let the giddyness of the holidays weaken your resolve!

Episode 39 – The One with the Visit to Heaven

Life is a series of endings and new beginnings – a bit like chapters in a big book. With any ending comes loss and grief. Sometimes we have to grieve for situations and people who are still alive. Like when a family breaks up or when our friends move away. Death however is slightly different. It is part of life, but something which remains a mystery to us all. I’ve created this episode to help children understand death and make sense of it according to their little world. We will all have different beliefs about death and dying. Nobody is right or wrong because really we don’t know! Children have curious minds that are full of questions. When we don’t understand or we can’t make sense of something, it feeds our fear and anxiety.

Episode 38 – The One with the Smiley Heart Message (October)

This month the message is about sadness – allowing your tears to fall and wash away your sadness. Listen to the message and learn how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. This might be helpful if you are worried or angry. Often that’s a sign that there is something lurking underneath all those big feelings.

Episode 37 – The One with the Curious Wildheart

Has anybody ever called you nosey? Is your brain like a crazy quizmaster constantly asking you questions and searching for answers? Does the thought of not knowing something leave you worried or scared?

In today’s episode my beautiful niece, Mia, is asking me all the questions about all the things. If you’re curious – not nosey but curious and you want to find out my favourite colour, what I hate about my job, how I became The Smiley Coach and what makes me angry or sad, then you had better get yourself comfy for a really juicy episode! Let’s dive in!

Episode 36 – The One with the Cat’s Bottom

Today’s episode is a little bit cray cray with lots of silly sayings to help you deal with rejection, loss, disappointment and failure. When you’re a sensitive soul, these things can go straight to our hearts and are really ouchy.  Here’s the thing: in life people and situations will disappoint us. We’re all different and other people aren’t like us. Sadly, the world isn’t always as we wish it was!

Episode 34 – The One with the Smiley Heart Message (September)

On the last Sunday of every month, I usually go live on my Facebook Page to give out messages to all the children (and Mums!) who want them. There is a massive block around my work and Facebook. I’m not going to waste any more of my time trying to understand that. The energy of the cards is powerful and will not be stopped because despite what other people are thinking or making it mean, kids need to hear this stuff!

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