I’M NO LONGER WORKING WITH YOUNG WILDHEARTS. Don’t worry! I’ve got loads of helpful resources for sensitive, emotional intense & gifted children age 7-12 years. Check out TRULY MADLY SMILEY (it’s everything I would teach your child or say to them if they were sat in front of me). Once you’ve become a member, there’s also an option to get personalised email support & expert advice to empower parents and teachers. It’s more powerful when you learn together. Here’s a FREE GUIDE to get you started. 👇

whats inside truly madly smiley

Children DON’T behave badly… 

…they’ve got lots of big feelings STUCK inside. 💔

That won’t be a problem for you, after you’ve downloaded my FREE guide 👇

How to Make Growing Up Easier as a Wildheart


👉 What’s inside?

This fun & fabulous 16-page guide tells you how to:

🎧 Get instant access to a selection of life lessons from my audio library (that’s what a podcast is really …mine’s called Truly Madly Smiley!). In there, you’ll find coaching activities and tips to help you with all those big feelings.

(Pssst…what to know why they work? They’re all the things I’ve said to hundreds of Wildhearts repeatedly for 10 years. How much do you wish you could record yourself and press play instead of saying the same things over and over again…..?😂🤣).

👍 Fun coaching printables so you can work out exactly what’s zapping you of your happiness. (If you’re a Wildheart, I’d put money on worries, shouty teachers, homework, lack of sleep, sibling squabbles, frenemies or not really understanding that your sensitivity is a super power).

(Don’t worry…we’ve got lessons for all of those. When you join Truly Madly Smiley as a paying member, you’ll get access to the whole library of 100 episodes).

👍 You will have the opportunity to upgrade your membership and receive Private Email Coaching, so you can ask me questions about your specific situation or challenges and get my full support as you learn and grow. 

positive feedback about Truly Madly Smiley
positive praise for truly madly smiley

The most worthwhile purchase I’ve made for my daughter! It really helped her make that big leap to secondary school. She used to be such a a worrier, but you’ve helped her see she is stronger than that! It’s lovely to see her smiling again!

Miranda, Busy Mum to 2 Wildhearts

Your kids need this – and they’ll love it. Can’t recommend Truly Madly Smiley or anything Lisa does highly enough. She understands the struggles that our kids are facing and she has an authentic, lighthearted and fun way of connecting to them as she delivers her message. This will help reassure your child and give them the tools they need to deal with their worries so they can feel good about themselves – skills for life.

Lisa Lowe

“Smiley, Snuggle & Snack has become our lockdown homeschooling essential. It’s a pause in our day to connect, breathe and reset. My daughter is full of it and wants to update her Dad when he can’t join us. Whereas my son quietly absorbs it and I hear him repeating it back in our conversations. He even asked to listen to you at lunchtime today!

We started off by listening to the one about the dark and later that evening I found my son lying in the dark. He said ‘.. it’s what Smiley told me to do so I can feel better about the dark.’ A couple of days later, my daughter got upset and said something about being too sensitive and my son replied: ‘.. but that is your superpower!‘ 

We loved the one about the Coronavirus – it’s been tough and it was really interesting to hear where they were on your feelings scale. We’ve only just begun, but feeling much more positive. Thank you so much for your encouragement.”

“I thought he wasn’t listening, so I took your advice and printed off the journal. You were right, he likes to play or doodle while he listens. He’s such a deep thinker – it takes him a while to work out what you’re saying. You don’t rush them, and I’ve learnt from you not to step in and answer for him. He might listen to one episode a few times before he says something that blows my mind!! It’s totally on his wavelength and he loves that quiet time after a hectic school day. I can get my stuff done while he listens and I’m a happy Mummy too!”

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