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This week, I ventured up town in the snow to meet my friend at The Ritz for high tea. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have followed my little grump about taking the train and how it’s just too peoplely. You will also have seen my bedroom being decorated, peppered with inspiring Smiley Thought Card messages to brighten up your day.

So, my friend from New York is a super successful and smart Dr and Psychologist. I met her whilst attending the Hay House Writer’s Workshop in 2015. You can read more about my amazing ‘Smiley and the City’ New York trip here.  I love nothing more than immersing myself in deep and meaningfuls whilst wedging bits of cake in my gob and slurping tea with her (yeah I haven’t quite mastered the pinky out dignified tea drinking). Mid chat  (or was it mid slurp?), I realised  that the glue that held us together is our desire to be different. It’s something we have fought hard for all our lives and, it matters to us so much that we have made a career out of inspiring others to do the same.

Are we mad? Quite possibly because the rest of the world is not on board….let me explain.

Do you remember growing up how much you wanted to be included?

How hard you may have tried at times to fit in (maybe even pretending to be something you weren’t)?

Did you compare yourself to other kids or long for something that somebody else had?

How hard is it to be different?

It seems to be really hard because different means standing out from the crowd and people are often scared they will feel lonely or be ridiculed.

However, the truth is something quite different (no pun intended)!

Here’s the thing: we are all different and we are meant to be. The more we try and fit in, the more we lose ourselves.

The rest of the world are always threatened by different. To rock the boat, to be curious, to challenge the status quo takes courage. Otherwise don’t you think everybody would be doing it!

The world needs you to be who you truly are

  • To listen to your heart, to connect to your feelings
  • To do it your way. To stop blending in and stand out from the crowd
  • To be your number one fan
  • To not make yourself wrong when everybody else is
  • To be proud of your quirks and your uniqueness – all that good stuff which makes you you.

Do you role model this to your child?

Or do you worry that people might judge or not like you for being different?

If we try to make ourselves fit, we are abandoning who we really are.

What about those people who don’t like different?

Well, they are afraid. They are  really afraid and they also wish deep down in their hearts, that they could be that brave too. Be who they really are, but they can’t because they don’t want to rock the boat. Instead of acknowledging that about themselves, they judge all the people who are daring to be different. They make them wrong and that further cements the way they are doing it is right. It is right for them: it’s safe. It’s safer for them to stay there, than dare to be different.

Wildhearts are brave and courageous but often this means they stand alone. They act from integrity and they will fight the good fight with all their might if they think it’s the right thing. This often gets them into trouble and when things aren’t going according to plan, they are feisty. Their anger will let you know.

This week it’s all about courage:

This week, the Energy Podders were exploring the energy of courage because you need oodles of that to grow up and be your true self. Especially when you haven’t yet worked out who you truly are and society conditions you to limit yourself. You can see how courageous you really are by bagging a replay of the class here! (it was such a good one!)

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