I’ve just come across a brilliant blog post that lists the top 10 things people complain about on Facebook.  At a guess, I would have said the current number one would be the weather.  It’s number 5.  I think this blog post was written back in the day when we knew what sunshine was 🙂

If you don’t like something change it

So the saying goes and if you can’t change it, change the way you think about it.  What do your Facebook status updates look like?  Are your status updates full of humour or inspirational quotes?  Or are you more of a moaner and groaner?  Better out than in I say and great to use Facebook as a place to get it off your chest.

So what do people complain about most on Facebook?

The answer is how bored people are, closely followed by not being able to sleep!  Lots of people complain about how sick they are, how much they don’t like work or how much work they’ve got to do.  Does it surprise you that school was number 9?  Probably not, if you are a parent as that would cover a multitude of sins like:

  • Getting up early to do the school run (that is number 7 on the list)
  • Shouting ‘Clean your teeth!’, ‘Eat your breakfast!’ and various other orders 100 times (family feature no. 9 on the list)
  • Fighting your way through traffic whilst praying there is a parking space within spitting distance of the school gates
  • Remembering PE kits, homework, books and all things school
  • Hearing your child plead with you for the 100th time ‘Do I have to go to school?’
  • Watching your child sulk and mumble under their breath ‘I hate school’

How much does your child like school?

Do they dread going back to school after the summer holidays? Do they find it difficult to make friends or worry about reading out loud in class? Do they fret about homework?

A negative association with school when your child spends so much time there can have a knock on effect on their learning, their social skills and their over all well being.  Nobody wants to spend 80% of their time in a place that makes them feel bad.   Unfortunately though, school is a must. So how do you help your child feel excited about a new term and how can you stop worrying about your child’s happiness when it comes to school?

Worrying about it won’t change it

You know this and yet, you still do it.  Worry, I mean. Maybe it keeps you awake at night or maybe you relive your worries in the car when stuck in traffic.  For your kids, their worries seem bigger than they really are.  Have you noticed how kids have this ability to attach wrong meanings to events or things they are told.  When I’m coaching children, I use a really simple and effective technique called the worry tree.  This teaches kids to say their worries aloud and then letting them go (after they’ve decided if they have the power to change their situation or not).  There are lots of things in life that we have no control over and the sooner we realise and accept this, the easier we make it for ourselves.

Help make going back to school easier

for you and your child.  If your child is settled and content at school, then I’m sure that will make your life a lot easier.  Boost your child’s confidence with my simple and effective coaching techniques.  It will help make the return to school a little bit easier.   It’s just a different way of introducing new life skills to your child – such as an attitude of gratitude, a glass half full approach, a bright and cheery perspective on life.  You can read more about my 1-2-1 coaching or bring your child onto my next  Super Kids workshop, The Secret Ingredients of Self Confidence and  help make going back to school easier for you and for your child.  For £37, you can give your kids 2 and half hours of fun, learning and a brighter perspective on life. I promise you they won’t be bored!  Check out the photos in the Gallery and see for yourself.

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