​We’re nearly there! This time next week, it will all be over. Does that make you say boo or hooray?

Am I getting old or is it because I don’t have children that I’m thinking it’s such a huge pile of stress and cash for one day?

Or maybe I am changing my beliefs and priorities? I do like having 10 days off work.

I do like eating a lot and I definitely like Martin Lewis’ idea of banning Christmas presents for grown ups.

How can you give more meaning to a day fuelled by commercialism?

Earlier this week I was talking about bringing the values of Christmas and what is important to your family back. Traditions are changing which is great as long as commercialism doesn’t twat us around the head and give us amnesia.

I’ve put together a little list of ideas about how to find some balance ….

1. Make a care package and give it to somebody anonymously. Sign it ‘Love Santa’. I did this with my Niece for one of her elderly neighbours and he absolutely loved it. As she stood at his front gate he said: “I’ll never forget you!” Super cute.

2. Try the reverse advent calendar. 

3. Volunteer and give something back to people who need it.

4. Bake some mince pies or Christmas cookies and pay a visit to your local old people’s home.

5. Make your presents and talk about how the thought behind the gift is what matters to the receiver more than how much it costs.

6. De-clutter your books and toys to make space for the new ones. Donate them to the charity shop or to somebody else that might like them.

7. Start a family Gratitude Ritual so you can love what you have instead of wanting more or wishing you had something different. You might also like to listen to episode 16 of the Truly Madly Smiley podcast which helps children to cope with their jealousy and envy around Christmas time.

8. Go to church on Christmas Eve and send out well wishes to people who are sick or have a chat with your loved ones who are in heaven. You don’t have to be religious to go to Church and two years ago when I first went for Christmas, I loved the singing and the energy with all the twinkly lights and sense of community. If you can’t go, light a candle at home and do the same. Remember what matters.

Can you think of any others?

Do you have traditions in your family which bring more meaning to the occasion? Pop them in the comments below and share them with me. I want to know that tradition isn’t dying out!

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