I love my job. How many people can say that?

If you love what you do, then it doesn’t feel like work anyway. I think I am lucky as I see children at their best and then I hand them back 🙂

Seriously though, I find their energy pure and uplifting

I’m amazed at how much children learn and how quickly. They can work it all out for themselves without too much prompting from me. My job is to help children feel great from the inside out.

Happiness is an inside job

I believe if children can find happiness from within:

  • by being grateful, by having a positive attitude
  • by discovering their strengths
  • by understanding strategies for working around their weaknesses
  • by finding their passion and purpose in life instead of relying on things outside of themselves

I notice that lots of kids rely on their school grades, what their friends think of them, how other people are treating them.  It’s a risky business hanging your self-esteem on those things – they are out of your control. Do you ever do this? I do this with my achievements and it can be exhausting.

The Simple Life – Stay in the Moment

If you’ve ever watched a child at play, you will see that they are totally in the moment and really enjoying the experience they are in. Their simplistic way of being is refreshing and enlightening. Sometimes, my Niece is more fascinated with putting lids on all the Tupperware pots in the kitchen cupboard than she is playing with her toys!

Empowerment is motivating: your choice and your decision

When I’m coaching, what I want is for children to feel empowered to make their own choices and to come up with their own ideas.  That way, they are more likely to take action and make positive changes.  Isn’t that the same for you?  If it’s your choice and your decision, you are more likely to do that, than if somebody else is telling you to do it.  After all, that is why I’m self employed: so I am the boss of me.

What if we said that that a child-like approach to life is as easy as ABC?  The building blocks to help us feel good about ourselves. Let’s all get into a childlike mindset and see what happens..

A is for Attitude

Your attitude towards your life is your choice. What’s your’s like in comparison to a child’s? Children are open minded and they are also creative and experimental. Have you read about Ken Robinson’s paper clip experiment which illustrates the difference between creativity and divergent thinking? The adults came up with several straightforward answers. The children however, came up with over 200 uses for a paper clip. This is because they asked more questions and approached it with a different attitude. When doing the paper clip experiment myself, I became stuck after a while, so I took my attention  away for some time. I went off for a walk in the sunshine and when I came back, I came up with more ideas than before. Amazing! In coaching, we call this ‘breaking state’ and it helps us to regulate our moods. In order to tap into that open minded creative side of us, it’s good to spend time doing the things we love. To get a balance between our business and our families, friends, hobbies and free time.

A Child’s Attitude is Non Judgemental

Children don’t hold grudges. They don’t have any preconceived ideas or expectations about how things are going to turn out.  Have you ever noticed that when you expect things to be a certain way and they aren’t……you get disappointed?  How demotivating.  How about if you change your attitude and say to yourself: ‘I’m going to give this my best shot and I’m going to see how well I can do.  I’m also going to let go of the outcome. I have a goal.  I know what I would like it to be but for now I’m just going to do my best….’ Just try it and see.

Beat Procrastination with a Child-Like Attitude

How carefree and playful are you in your attitude to work?  Children roll their sleeves up, get muddy and have a go. To hell with mistakes or it not being perfect. They want to try something new and enjoy the experience of it. They want to have fun learning and experimenting. The most valuable things in life can not be taught, they must be experienced. We learn more from making mistakes than we do from our successes. If you are putting off that blog, or creating that website or doing something new, put your childlike head on.

How positive is your attitude to your life?  If you have time to complain about something, then you have time to do something about it. Sometimes, it’s as simple as changing your attitude.

To find out how Child’s Play is as simple as A-B-C, click here to read part two of this blog post.

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