Here are some Smiley highlights if you’re short of time…

1:12 Why my birthday is so relevant to my work as the Smiley Coach.

2:10 How I started my journey with cards which lead to me making my own deck of Smiley Thought Cards.

2:57 Why cards are comforting and grounding if you have anxiety.

4:19 How I use the Smiley Thought Cards.

5:09 Why cards help us when we are looking for certainty in an uncertain world.

5:55 How the mindset of creative people can be complicated.

9:00 How I took a different approach to make goal setting more fun for the New Year

9:50 Why my work is very intense and how taking care of myself is very important (if your child wants to learn to protect themselves from negative energies download the Energy of Negativity class here).

11:25 Why it’s so important that people don’t think kids need fixing (none of us are broken).

12:04 How the cards can help develop emotional resilience.

15:10 How the cards help parents communicate with their kids and get them talking.

16:07 How to get the best out of the cards.

17:10 How I get the kids to engage with the cards.

18:39 I mention this blog post 28 Ways to Instantly Create a Happy Vibe in Your Home which gives you ideas for using the cards.

19:09 Why angry boys are really sensitive misunderstood souls who feel like they don’t fit in.

21:10 The temperament of child that I find myself working with is the Wildheart because this was me growing up.

23:09 Why the cards are a great way of getting into your child’s inner world and working out what is going on for them.

25:00 See me do a demo with the cards and pull a very accurate message for Sarah.

27:00 Where my name Smiley came from.

32:08 Who is shadow man and why did I see him growing up as a child.

39:58 Watch me demo the cards and give out messages to other people watching the live video.

49:06 I talk about  The Energy Pod and why all families need to get a weekly workout for your emotional and mental wellbeing (you can also catch up and download previous classes here).


Get Your Happy On Every Day!

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