Be the ONE

Champions of Children is a compassionate community of professionals and child advocates who are committed to empowering children to be their true selves. 


It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes one positive person to really see the child’s true self to make a difference.

A consistent source of comfort and understanding. A strong communicator who will speak up and ask the right questions at the right time. Somebody who doesn’t just listen to the story but believes it. Somebody who doesn’t just monitor behaviour, but sees what lies beneath. Somebody who doesn’t compare, but values the child for who they are.

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When children feel lost and alone in the darkness…ONE person lighting the way is all it takes. 

Are you the ONE?

If you work with children, you know this to be true and it’s likely you are that one person. You’re passionate about learning and sharing. You want to make it fun and meet them in their world. 

You don’t believe in bad or naughty children. Only misunderstood children responding to their environment, trying to communicate their inner world. You believe there isn’t something in the water causing the current labelling trend, but recognise that more often than not –  it’s attachment and trauma that are the root cause of children’s behavioural and developmental struggles. 

You understand. You really care. You want to make a difference. With your big heart, you have lots to give, but often feel tired, frustrated or wonder if there is MORE you could be doing to empower children

…..well now you can!

We have a shared goal for change that leads with emotional wellbeing.

You are on the front line and I have the experience, creative resources and passion to make it easier.

Now is the time for us to start doing things differently. It’s a huge job – breaking down old systems and swimming against the tide, but we cannot wait any longer. Something has got to give and it’s NOT going to be the children.

Step by step, with a little team effort, a LOT of love, passion and determination, we can make it happen!

Your contribution to the next generation is invaluable, but this work is emotionally demanding. Often you’re learning on the job – let’s face it, the training and qualifications are only the beginning.

 Children are our greatest teachers and a lot of fun, but it’s essential that you take care of yourself and make sure you have the support of a strong community of like-minded, passionate folk who share your values, vision and who you can learn from.

Champions are your people and know exactly what challenges you face. They walk beside you and cheer you on – especially on those really tough days

Start making a difference now! 

I invite you to join me in my Champions Facebook Community. Let’s come together and start speaking out about what these children really need.  

Other Ways We Can Work Together

Draw on my 10 years experience of setting up a successful private coaching business, supporting children’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Plus my own personal recovery from complex childhood trauma.

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