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Dear Mummy

I wanted to write you this letter because I see sometimes how tired you are and how hard you work to make things lovely for our family. Thank you Mummy for wanting the best for me. I am truly lucky to have you as my parent and I hope you feel the same: that you are truly lucky to be the loving presence and gentle guidance that will help me become the wonderful person I am meant to be! This is such a hard job and I don’t blame you when I see you stuck or lost or not sure what to do. I look at you and think you are wonderful and you have all the answers. If only you would stop for a minute and listen to yourself.

If my soul had a voice, this is what it is yearning for you to know. In our busy life, we are swept up in a whirlwind of school, homework, clubs, play dates and chores. When we are in this whirlwind, we forget what brings us together as a family. I long for the holidays when life is simple and calmer. I see that it makes you calmer too. When you are happy, I am happy because that is when I’m most likely to feel your love. When I am resting in your love, there is nothing quite like it.

I wish you wouldn’t worry so much about what other people think. When you are focused on that, it feels like that is more important which in my head means, we are less important. I know that’s not really true because even when we all need a bath or are lounging in our Onesies, you love us just as much then. That’s when we can be who we truly are; and yet – those pictures don’t make it onto Facebook. Why do we have to worry about what other people think of us? Be proud of our family Mummy and Daddy because you made it so. We are not perfect (but nobody is) and we are all doing our best and have good intentions. That is what counts isn’t it? That no matter what happens, we are all doing our best and we are kind and loving people. We will make our own way as a family in this world because we will look out and care for each other. I love that about our family Mummy because it means that I belong.

You seem to have so much to do and I watch you say ‘Yes!’ to everybody. You are kind like that and have taught me to be kind too, but you are so quick to yell ‘No!’ at us when I ask 100 times to go on the iPad. I’m determined like that which must be hard for you but when I go out into the big wide world, my determination will get me far. Sometimes I don’t really like the stupid iPad because when I’m on it and you are on your phone or watching the TV, we are not really together. That’s all I want for you to sit down and stop doing jobs so we can be together. The jobs never stop do they? They seem like such a waste of time to me Mummy. I want to play with you. Let’s do our Smiley Thought Cards together.

I’m sorry I cry or get angry a lot and say mean things to you. I can’t stop them and feel so bad afterwards. Then you get angry too and sometimes you cry. This is when I know things are really out of control and I worry that we will never get back to that calm place where I am resting in your love. When you are calm, I feel calmer too. It’s like we are connected to each other by this strong invisible power.

Mummy please read this letter when you have lost your way and remember how much we love each other. My Coach, Smiley says, ‘Love is the Answer to everything!’ and if there was more love instead of shouting and yelling and judging and stress, I think we could be really happy. I want us to be really happy.

Let me show you Mummy so that you can be reassured that you’re doing the ‘right’ thing. The right thing by our family and not what all those other people think. How we feel about our love is what matters the most. We can have fun together on this little adventure. Come with me, follow me over the rainbow where there is a new perspective which will change the way you are forever.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Love Your Child xxx

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