Unlock Your Magic Printable Journal

This daily journal practice got me back in touch with my intuition, radically changed my mindset & switched off my busy brain. So, I teach it to lovely people like you so you can finally experience peace in your Wildheart.

Go from self-doubt to self-trust, you can buy this journal and get cracking , or get it for free when you book a session with me.

Intuitive Tarot Journal

Ideal gift for coaches, therapists, healers, highly sensitive souls (empaths), witches and mystics. Comes in 3 colours: inky indigo, passion pink and moonshine blue

– 6″ x 9″ 120 page notebook with soft touch matte cover.
– Compatible with any Oracle or Tarot Deck
– Lined & plain pages with reflection questions, 3 boxes to record the cards drawn, word of the day and priority tasks.

Stuck Between Two Worlds

Follow the story of Ruby, a feisty, frustrated 10-year old who is feeling left out and fed up with life. One day, a magical being leads Ruby to the Wilderness, where she discovers another life does await her—the life of a Wildheart. As Ruby discovers her true power, one question remains—will she stay in the Wilderness with her Wildheart friends? Or will she return to the dark secrets of her family, who really doesn’t understand her at all. 

Join Ruby as she learns to use her Wildheart superpowers for good. As she navigates the challenges of the Wilderness, she learns valuable life lessons including how to manage her worries, overcome her fears, and deal with explosive anger. 

Comes with this FREE Read-Along Activity Guide for those who want to put the book into action as they read.


Set Your Mind Free!

Are you willing to swap the time spent lost in overwhelm, self-doubt and confusion for some inspiration & clarity?

Get your FREE pretty printable podcast notepad when you sign up to my newsletter today!

Inside you’ll find journal prompts with space to scribble and get clear on what you want. It’s your perfect listening companion for my podcast, The Wildheart Diaries, where you’ll learn everything you need to know as a sensitive soul determined to get her sparkle back! 

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