Smiley Thought Card Messages for May

Click on the video to hear Smiley's messages for May On the last Sunday of every month, I go live on my Facebook Page to give out messages of confidence, love, encouragement and positivity to all the children (and Mums!) who want them. Be sure to come and join me....

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Beating The Worry Monster

Lisa Parkes © I was sitting in the sun, thinking that I needed fun. 'Cos life had gotten serious and drab, Honestly, I'd been feeling rather sad. For too long, I wished for something new, but I couldn't figure out what I needed to do! I listened to the voice that came...

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From the Park Bench

Lisa Parkes © From my shady bench in the park, I can hear the annoying dogs bark.  The children nearby laugh and run, it looks like they’re having so much fun! They look so happy and carefree, smiley faces and dirty knees That tell a story about their day; of how much...

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For Tough Times

Lisa Parkes ©To those at the back too scared to speak,I hear you! I'm the reassurance you seek.To those locked into the comparison game,I feel you! Sadly, I know that shame.To those who worry about what others will say,I get it! You edit parts of yourself away.To...

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Let’s Not Fight Anymore

  Lisa Parkes ©   Sometimes my feelings get big and scary, I get loud or go quiet and super starey.   I’m trying to disconnect from how I feel. Unsafe my body is floating, nothing seems real.  I know I shout and say mean stuff, I stomp about in a right old huff!...

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A Furry Friendship

Lisa Parkes © Here’s my best friend little Moe, he follows me wherever I go. Then he settles at my feet, pawing me til I give him a treat. His furry little body and black nose appear, letting me know he wants to be near. Every morning, we face the day, he’s so excited...

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My Strong Will

Lisa Parkes ©   It’s in the darkness when I lay still; I’m haunted by the memories of my once strong will. How you slowly crushed it day by day. It was too loud, too angry and it wouldn’t go away. In your perfect world, it didn’t belong or fit; it was messy and ugly,...

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10 Rules Your Emotions Follow

Here are some Smiley resources to help you with your feelings This is the original blog post referenced in this video. Watch the video to discover the BONUS rule #11.   Smiley Resources to help you with your emotions  If you want to join me in the Energy Pod this...

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How Uncomfortable Emotions Make You Do Strange Things

Vulnerability is where all your humanness can be seen. Oh look! Here is a human face. One which is pretending to be a cat and it looks like she's expressing disbelief. The face of a ginger bookworm who doesn't just read books, but now she has written one!Those 55,000...

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