10 Top Tips to Help Cure Your Child’s Friendship Hiccups

This is one of the most common reasons children come to coaching:- They don't have enough friends They don't make friends easily They are shy in social situations and avoid them They don't have enough of the right type of friends They are bullied by so called friends...

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Do you know what you really really want?

'Tell me what you want. What you really really want?!' sung the Spice Girls back in the day where Victoria Beckham could manage a smile and Girl Power was the order of the day! I bet lots of us don't know the answer to that question. Do you have a positive or negative...

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5 Things Your Child Needs to Thrive

It's Mental Health Awareness Week (14th - 20th May) and I want to do my bit on educating and increasing awareness about mental health. This year's campaign asks the question: Thriving or Striving? That's in relation to how we live in this crazy busy world...

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Are you taking it personally?

Do you quickly crumble at criticism? This week I've experienced what feels like: 'I'm getting it wrong again!' There has been criticism, a difference of opinion and being unfairly blamed. There has also been some beautiful kind words, gestures and generous...

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Do You Ever Worry That Your Child is Missing Out?

You'll often hear me say that it takes a village to raise a child and that it's an unfair expectation for a parent to place upon themselves to know, be and do it all....and yet lots of us still try to achieve perfection. As a recovering perfectionist I...

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Big Smiley Giveaway for May

Oooh I'm feeling rather kind this week. You've caught me in a generous mood. I've got 2 special offers running throughout May A competition to win some goodies and a deal on my Energy Pod replays (scroll down to the bottom of the page for this one). The...

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