Smiley’s Top 10 Christmas Presents

 Ho Ho Ho! Smiley Santa is here with gifts galore ...Here's a list of gifts which will last a life time. Long after the magic and sparkle of Christmas has gone and waaaaaay way into the future. They provide solid foundations of self worth, emotional...

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What does Your Child Really Want for Christmas?

Dear Mummy. I need your help. I'm really puzzled by something and as you are the grown up, I wondered if you could help me. You are really good at sorting everything out, so I thought you were the best person to ask. I'm looking at my Christmas list and...

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When the Green Eyed Monster Shows Up

I have a serious question for you today! In the last two years, my world has been made smaller by trauma and grief (that's what it does to you, SAFETY becomes the order of the day). The losses have been huge and I've opted for self isolating and more...

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Why Your Child Feels So Rubbish When They Get It Wrong

Here are some Smiley highlights to save time …4:06 At The Energy Pod this week, we’ve been talking about emotional resilience and having a growth mindset. You can’t become emotionally resilient (bounce back from disappointment or adversity), if you don’t try and fail....

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Why You Need to Get it Wrong More Often

How good are you at bouncing back from disappointment? What about your child: how is it for them when they don't get picked, or they don't win?What about when things don't go according to plan? Does this trigger your Mummy stress response?For the last few...

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The Smiley Way to Snuggle Down and Sleep Happy

Do you know what makes me REALLY happy? When I can have conversations with you.  I'm talking about proper 2-way conversations where we both share and reach an understanding. That takes a certain level of vulnerability, so we can have an emotional...

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How Growing up Online Shapes Your Child’s Reality

{Since writing this blog post, I've watched this fascinating documentary 'Plugged In' which talks about the shocking impact of social media on teens. It is creating anxiety, depression and suicide. I would highly recommend that you take the time to watch...

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What to Do When You’ve Lost your Mum Mojo (Part 1)

I was stunned and amazed at the recent free parents' training 'Worrier to Warrior' as to how many of you have a Freeze Response to stress. This means you're not always able to emotionally connect to yourself or your children. You might be prone to depression and...

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