Be Your Own Best Friend


Do you want your child to choose healthy friendships?

Do you worry that your child is alone or unhappy?

I have something to help you! I’ve started a new online course so that children can find the friendships they deserve.

With each intake, I’m searching for 8 -10 willing and committed families to take part in this fab and powerful coaching course. 

You will find a brief course outline below. It’s a mixture of live group coaching with me, coaching activities and videos. 

You will need:  to be available for the duration of the 6 week course, a Facebook account, time to do the exercises and activities (minimum of approximately 1 hour a week or more if you want to), be willing to give feedback as we go.

Next Intake of Families:  TBC


This course is also available to buy as a DIY Learning Pack

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I want to make sure this is the right programme for your family and also that we’re a good fit for each other. Pop your details in here and I’ll send you an application form which is basically a few questions to help us work it out. We will then have a quick chat over the phone and get connected. I want you to be really confident and clear that you are getting what you need.


Take Back Your Power! Learn to love yourself!

Relationships are our best teachers because at the heart of all good relationships is the connection we have with ourselves. 

Often the relationships in our life mirror back to us how we feel about ourselves. Sometimes we’re attracting tricky friends because we don’t value ourselves and we are tolerating bad behaviour.

When you become your own best friend and you value yourself, you stop all that!

In my work, the children who struggle with relationships usually….

  • Have low self esteem and self respect
  • Are sensitive and take people’s words and behaviours personally
  • Are co-dependent (they feel responsible for other people’s feelings and put others’ needs before themselves when it’s not necessary or healthy to do so)
  • Lack assertiveness and confidence
  • Doubt themselves and are afraid to stick up for themselves
  • Are drawn to toxic on-off / frenemy relationships which get them stuck in a cycle
  • Lack healthy boundaries and feel insecure
  • Fear rejection and can’t be alone
  • Are seeking validation outside of themselves – they are people pleasers
  • Are unaware that friendship is a choice and no more than they deserve

Brief Course Outline 

£349 (or a payment plan – 3 monthly payments of £120) includes 6 modules delivered over 6 weeks in Smiley’s usual coaching style – a combo of creative exercises (you don’t have to be Picasso), journalling, videos, resources and live group coaching with Smiley.

This will be drip fed (so you don’t get overwhelmed) via my online learning Den supplemented with the on-going group support in a private Facebook Group. You will get … 

  • a 50-page journal with regular prompts for discussion and reflection
  • coaching videos and creative coaching activities 
  • mini challenges to put your learnings into action 
  • a weekly 45-minute live coaching call with me every Wednesday at 6pm delivered by video broadcast inside the Facebook Group for each module (see below for module outlines)

This course is for you …

If you are aged between 8 – 12 and you feel lonely or like you don’t belong. Or maybe you’ve got tricky relationships in your life – an absent parent, frenemie, a bully, a bucket dipper or bossy pants who takes over and wants it all on their terms. This course would also be helpful for siblings who argue a lot and jostle for their place in the family. 

Take Back Your Power 

By the end of this course you can expect to….

  • have an increased awareness of your personal friendship values, friendship history and how you are contributing towards it
  • have a water tight plan for dealing with tricky people
  • have the skills and words to handle conflict without all the drama
  • have stronger boundaries so you can take care of your own needs and make sure you’re treated respectfully
  • have more self compassion, kindness and  empathy so you can be more accepting of who you are and not how others define you
  • have improved communication skills – you will know how to assert yourself and what can sometimes stop you from doing that!
  • step away from being a People Pleaser or care taking other people’s feelings
  • have improved self worth; so you can find friendships that work for you – you deserve the best in life
  • feel empowered to choose relationships which lift you up and bring out the best in you
  • have tools to help you reduce any social anxiety or worries around judgement or criticism

Week 1 Welcome & Mini Friendship Assessment – – Audit your friendship values, look back at your friendship history and truly understand how you arrived in the space you are in now.

Week 2 Get to Know Yourself  – – What are you bringing to the friendship party? Are you over giving? Are you expecting too much? Can you learn to love your own company and enjoy time alone.

Week 3 Respect Yourself – – Step into your own power and learn how to truly value yourself and watch how other people start to value you too.

Week 4 Protect Yourself – –  Discover how to reduce your anxiety and feel safer in social situations or around angry or mean people.

Week 5 Stand up for Yourself – – How to be more assertive without losing it or stuffing your feelings down so you can ask for what you need. Your needs matter and you are totally worth it!

Week 6 Be Your Own Best Friend – – Managing your inner critic (you know that voice in your head which bullies you?) and learning to love and accept who you are – it’s not about being perfect, it’s about being true to who you are!

The stuff my son is coming out with is amazing, saddening and touching. He is holding up his pictures and answers to your questions to the screen for you to see!

I’m really pleased as it has given me such an insight into how he actually feels.

I love the techniques you share. We really enjoyed being able to send our worries away by making paper aeroplanes.

Thank you so much. I can’t put into words succinctly how I feel about the sessions.  I’m feeling hopeful this is just the beginning for us!’

Karen, A Happy Mum from Surrey

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