whats inside truly madly smiley

No screens. No stress. Just Press Play!

 One time payment gives you instant access. Straight from my coaching room into your earbuds, Truly Madly Smiley is a fun, engaging self development powerhouse that’s growing self-esteem, self-belief and is literally changing children’s lives!

What’s inside?

Learn from your Fraunt (friendly Aunt Wildheart) Smiley Coach Lisa.

100 chats that use imagination, story telling, creativity and coaching exercises to help:

▪ deal with tricky friendships ▪ stop fighting with siblings ▪ feel less alone or left out ▪ find your powerful voice ▪ feel motivated when life gets hard ▪ cool your anger ▪ soothe your worries ▪ find courage when you’re afraid of trying something new ▪ extend kindness to yourself ▪ get a good night’s sleep and relax (even when you’re afraid of the dark) ▪ manage school stress and get homework done ▪ overcome perfectionism ▪ relax and switch off your busy brain…and more! 👁‍🗨👉 full playlist

whats inside truly madly smiley

Doodle as you listen. 40-page fun creative printable journal (see below) and PDF worksheets for bonus trainings.

Get organised! I’ve created weekly plans so you can make the most of your listening time and prioritise your emotional wellbeing.

Each plan has one recommended episode a day, for 7 days, and is created for the most common challenges faced by Wildhearts. e.g. back to school, can’t sleep, friendship, anger, negativity etc.

Private Wildheart Members’ Forum to share wins, creative master pieces and get your questions answered. You can ask Smiley anything. Adults post on behalf of children.

Get Smiley in your Back Pocket as you Learn & Grow! For 1:1: support and your very own personalised listening plan, members can upgrade to this package. Once inside the members area, simply click upgrade button, then we’re connected. Parents can go back and forth on email throughout the month, with your questions, concerns and all your wonderful, new Wildheart discoveries. I’m there to support you and this is my favourite way to quietly hold space and guide you, while you learn together with your child.

This works really well for:

  • Procrastination – theirs and yours! I’ll be your accountability buddy and keep you motivated with your learning (even on the days when you really don’t fancy it!).
  • Overwhelm – when you don’t know where to start and need expert guidance. I’ll be on hand to talk you through it step-by-step.
  • Self-Doubt & Anxiety – when you’re not sure if it’s working, if you’re doing it right or you’re worried about something.I’ll give you clarity & confidence to ease your worried mind.
  • Stressed & Busy Folk – fast track your progress. I’ll make sure you achieve your goals and get to where you want to be.

The best investment in your child’s emotional wellbeing!

The most worthwhile purchase I’ve made for my daughter! She used to be such a a worrier, but you’ve helped her see she is stronger than that! It’s lovely to see her relaxed and smiling again!

Miranda, Busy Mum to 2 Wildhearts

praise for Truly Madly Smiley
positive praise for truly madly smiley
positive feedback about Truly Madly Smiley

Your kids need this – and they’ll love it. Can’t recommend Truly Madly Smiley or anything Lisa does highly enough. She understands the struggles that our kids are facing and she has an authentic, lighthearted and fun way of connecting to them as she delivers her message. This will help reassure your child and give them the tools they need to deal with their worries so they can feel good about themselves – skills for life.

Lisa Lowe

Taking care of children’s emotional & mental wellbeing has never been easier! 

Life Guidance

Press play to access a vast library of Smiley storytelling wisdom that makes growing up as a messy human easier. Inspiration, guidance and motivation whenever you need it (view full playlist here).

Practical Tools

Take action to grow confidence by learning practical life skills. Manage stress, tricky friendships, face your fears, communicate assertively, feel comfortable in your own skin. You don’t learn this stuff at school.

Sharing Space

Be part of a community of like-minded Wildheart friends. The members’ forum is a safe space to share creative artwork and ask Smiley questions (posting is done by adults for children).

Soulful Conversations

Make sense of life and give meaning to the ups and downs of friendships, family, school. Encourages children to follow their hearts and find their place in the world. 

Special Bonuses

Deep dive into some of my most popular mini online trainings. They come with printable activity sheets and workbooks. You’ll find them in the full playlist here.


Learn positive self-talk and Smiley affirmations that encourage self-kindness and gentleness. Ideal for perfectionists who are hard on themselves.

Facing Your Fears

Try new things and say yes to life with The Courage Chats – a series of 10 minute pep talks to help navigate the choppy waters of change and challenge (read more here).

Creative Expression

Creativity is a fun confidence booster and the purest form of self-expression. Effortless mindfulness for high energy children who find it hard to relax. 

Emotional Release

Compassionate regard for the emotional self. Just like brushing your teeth every day, prioritise taking care of emotions for optimum wellbeing.

I’m ready to invest in my Wildheart’s future – I’m in!

She really listens to you, takes it all in. She’s not big on journaling, colouring in, or listening to any other audios, but you, she loves! It was a couple of years ago that a friend sent me your link on Facebook, and I am so very grateful she did! We love love love Truly Madly Smiley. It’s easy for my 10-year-old to navigate herself whenever she needs to. She tends to listen before she goes to sleep at night. Honestly, they’ve helped us through some difficult times. Thank you for all your amazing work. You are a brilliant coach. I’ve recommended you to so many people.

What’s inside of you needs to come out of you! 

  check in with emotions ∞ self-expression ∞ reduce anxiety 

Studies show that writing and drawing help process negative emotions. What children cannot verbalise, they draw. Like your own private mentoring session, Smiley invites you to self-reflect as you listen along and grow your confidence from the inside out. Here’s a sneak peek inside some of the pages in this super 40-page printable journal!

Get Results

Money Back Guarantee!

I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and watched them flourish. So, I know if you commit to listening little and often, you will get results too. Join now and feel confident in your decision with this guarantee. If you do all the work & don’t see any results, I’ll give you your money back.

“Smiley, Snuggle & Snack has become our lockdown homeschooling essential. It’s a pause in our day to connect, breathe and reset. My daughter is full of it and wants to update her Dad when he can’t join us. Whereas my son quietly absorbs it and I hear him repeating it back in our conversations. He even asked to listen to you at lunchtime today!

We started off by listening to the one about the dark and later that evening I found my son lying in the dark. He said ‘.. it’s what Smiley told me to do so I can feel better about the dark.’ A couple of days later, my daughter got upset and said something about being too sensitive and my son replied: ‘.. but that is your superpower!‘ 

We loved the one about the Coronavirus – it’s been tough and it was really interesting to hear where they were on your feelings scale. We’ve only just begun, but feeling much more positive. Thank you so much for your encouragement.”

“I thought he wasn’t listening, so I took your advice and printed off the journal. You were right, he likes to play or doodle while he listens. He’s such a deep thinker – it takes him a while to work out what you’re saying. You don’t rush them, and I’ve learnt from you not to step in and answer for him. He might listen to one episode a few times before he says something that blows my mind!! It’s totally on his wavelength and he loves that quiet time after a hectic school day. I can get my stuff done while he listens and I’m a happy Mummy too!”

I want to give my child this fantastic opportunity!

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Got Questions?

I’ve got answers!

What age is Truly Madly Smiley for?

The recommended age is 8-11 years. Although I have gifted it to my young teen clients and their parents who find it educational and helpful. 

Is Truly Madly Smiley just for Wildhearts?

Truly Madly Smiley is for Wildhearts who want to understand more about navigating the busy, stressful world as a strong-willed sensitive.

Truly Madly Smiley is also used by professionals in private practice, school counselors, social workers, family support workers and teachers in the classroom. 

It’s especially loved by: 

  • those preparing to make the leap to secondary school
  • those overwhelmed, unsafe or feeling upset about the pandemic
  • those who want to develop emotional resilience and learn life skills
  • those going through change and facing the unknown
  • those who’ve been bullied or have been troubled by tricky friendships
  • those who lack confidence and want to feel less anxious
  • those experiencing grief and heartache
  • those who wear their heart on their sleeve, highly sensitive and intuitive souls
  • old souls – sometimes referred to as New Earth Children which is made up of Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children
  • children with special needs, such as learning difficulties, autism or trauma
I'm a professional, can I use this in my work?

Yes! I want to help as many children as possible feel good. This is a library of inspiration for you and the children you work with. It meets the 5 pillars of EQ – self-awareness, empathy, social skills, self-regulation and motivation.

You can recommend it to others and earn £s via the Spread the Smiles Affiliate Scheme.

Use it as a learning resource to generate discussions or to encourage sharing of beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and feelings in a 1-to-1 setting. It could also be used in the classroom for children who struggle to emotionally regulate as a positive alternative to ‘time out’.

Is this different to counselling or therapy?

I prefer to call Truly Madly Smiley an emotional education. Not all children need therapeutic intervention. Sometimes learning about being a Wildheart and how to make sense of this crazy thing we call life, is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Truly Madly Smiley does not replace therapy. That being said, it is used by therapists, school counselors, social workers, family support workers and teachers, and is trauma informed.

Why should we learn from you?
Read the story of how Truly Madly Smiley came to be. I want to share with you everything I have learned on my healing journey (growing up as a confused Wildheart who was anxious, overwhelmed, angry and ashamed to be sensitive). I’ve  helped hundreds of Wildhearts feel good from the inside out. I love hearing their positive feedback about how they’ve seen life-changing results – yes this stuff actually works! My clients have courage and determination – they’ve been open to learning, curious and invested time in themselves and in their development. *claps and does a happy dance*

I want to support you and empower you with practical, easy and fun tools that you can use for the rest of your life. I wish I had learned this growing up! It would have saved me hours of time, lots of money and given me peace of mind. When you understand yourself more, you feel so much better and less alone. Promise!

Will we get coaching from you?

I want to support you. When you sign up, I’ll email you and share with you: ✔ the secrets to successful listening  ✔ which episodes will help you most  ✔ updates on new episodes as soon as they are released  ✔ hints and tips for moving through change & overcoming fears  PLUS ideas to structure & make the most of your listening time

I would always encourage you to listen first and then see what happens. If you or your child are finding it hard to sit with big feelings that you’ve been carrying for some time, you might want to consider upgrading your membership.  

1:1: support and your very own personalised listening plan

Members can upgrade to this package  once inside the members area. Simply click and pay, then we’re connected. Parents can go back and forth on email throughout the month, with your questions, concerns and all your wonderful, new Wildheart discoveries. I’m there to support you and this is my favourite way to quietly hold space and guide you, while you learn together with your child.

How does 1:1: support work?

1. As soon as I receive your order, I’ll email you some questions.

2. You email back detailing what struggles your child faces.

3. I will create a customised listening plan detailing exactly what episodes you need to listen to and why.

4. For the remainder of our month together, I’ll be on email to answer all your questions or help you address anything that comes up as you navigate Truly Madly Smiley

5. By the end of the month, you’ll feel reassured and confident which will not only rub off on your child, but will give you peace of mind. No more fretting about their wellbeing or Googling sh1t in the middle of the night. Lovely 😊👍

How long do we need to listen for?

Every child is different and has different preferences, desires, wants and needs. Trust and be guided by that.

Parents often want results for their child. This puts pressure on the child to ‘get better’ or change. It helps if the process has time and space to unfold naturally. There is no magic wand or quick fix. I don’t have any tick boxes or labels. Long-lasting change takes time and that process can also bring up some tricky feelings for both of you (fear, sadness, anger, worry etc.)

Listening over time, little and often is how to get the best results! You will get emails from me guiding you through. You can visit the forum and ask questions.

Before there can be progress, there must be emotional safety (trust). Allow your child to be where they are and take their lead. The priority is always to build trust and create rapport, before any ‘work’ can begin. This sometimes looks like playful conversations or light-hearted fun, as opposed to directly addressing adult issues. Sometimes we don’t even talk about the ‘problem‘ but that doesn’t matter. It’s so important to get this solid foundation in place. Be patient and take your time. 

How can I access all the materials?

Sign up to become a member and all you need is an electronic device and an internet connection. Come for a guided tour of the Members’ Area and find out how easy it is.

Is there a right way to introduce it?
If you’re a PARENT, make it an exciting reason to have some quality time together or casually pop it on while you go about your day and lead by example.

If you’re a PROFESSIONAL, this is a library of inspiration for you and the children you work with. I would use it as a learning resource to generate discussions or to encourage sharing of beliefs, perceptions, thoughts and feelings in a 1-to-1 setting. It could also be used in the classroom for children who struggle to emotionally regulate as a positive alternative to ‘time out’.


  1. Download the free guide to get set up  – it’s easy but like anybody trying anything new, it may feel hard because you haven’t done it before! Take action to move through any discomfort.
  2. The World is Your Playground – have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously. Keep it light without trying to control outcomes. As much as possible, let the child explore, choose episodes and lead the way.
  3. You can’t get it wrong there is no right way to do it or one particular episode that is going to magically transform your life. Just start and notice the positive difference over time. That’s how real lasting changes are made.
Any tips on dealing with resistance?
All resistance is fear. Children mirror us – so be aware of how you feel and see if you can dissolve your fear. What helps is to give yourself permission to:

  • get it wrong – there is actually no right way to do it. Everybody will have a different experience and you are not responsible for that!
  • enjoy it and be playful with it.

Children may fault find and say it’s babyish. They may feel uncomfortable with all the feelings certain episodes bring up. They may appear disinterested or not want to engage. They may oppose you and get into a power struggle.

When we are scared we need to feel like we have some control. This blog post explains how to move beyond fear and gives you a script of what to say if you’re being met with resistance. It works for any situation where your child won’t co-operate.

Go slow, give choices and keep trying. If it’s not their thing, don’t worry! I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. If you still like it and are learning, there’s nothing to say you can’t still listen.

How does the members' forum work?
The members’ forum is behind a paywall. It’s completely safe and not open to the public. Once you’ve logged in to your account you can comment, follow threads about popular posts and ask Smiley questions. Posting will be done by parents. Creative Wildhearts will be able to share their journaling artwork and feel reassured by a strong community that is cheering them on! There is no pressure to comment and post if you’d rather not.
How do I set up the tech?
It’s easy! You can listen:

  • via the player in the members’ area or
  • via a podcast app on any device. Each member receives a unique link that they can cut and paste into their podcast app. It’s a quick click click!  When you cancel your subscription, your link stops working.

Podcast players that work with your private members’ feed:

  • Cross-Platform Podcast Apps: RadioPublic, Pocket Casts
  • iOS Podcast Apps: Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Castro 3, Downcast, PodCruncher
  • Android Podcast Apps: Podcast Republic, Podcast Addict, BeyondPod, Doggcatcher, Player FM, Podkicker, AntennaPod
Does it work on my phone or tablet?

Yes, it works on all devices that connect to the internet – phone, tablet, laptop, computer etc. You can either listen from the website or stream from your favourite podcast app. Come for a guided tour of the Members’ Area and find out how easy it is.

Can I sponsor a child?

Yes you can! I’d love for as many Wildhearts as possible to benefit from my teachings. It will help them make sense of their inner world and set them up for life.

Click here to gift this to a child who needs it.

What if we are trying to reduce screen time?
It’s a smart move as screens are highly addictive and require limits, but screens are an integral part of your child’s world. Listening to the podcast is a productive and educational use of your ‘digital time’ and could also be used as family time too. It doesn’t require you to look at a screen at all because the messages and my energy are going straight into their earbuds.

Remember a child’s brain is like clay and all the messages they hear are shaping their belief system and how they see the world. Every day they are bombarded with new information and things to learn – from you, the media, school and other external influences. It’s essential to make sure these are age-appropriate and have a purpose. Truly Madly Smiley is full of purpose and is written to ensure your child is hearing the messages that will lift them up and prepare them to excel in life.

Smiley Tip: If you don’t allow screens in the bedroom, you could connect wireless speakers to your device (tablet, Kindle  or iPhone) and stream it from another room.

Yes, I want my Wildheart to feel happy!

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