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Sometimes my feelings get big and scary, I get loud or go quiet and super starey. 

 I’m trying to disconnect from how I feel. Unsafe my body is floating, nothing seems real.

 I know I shout and say mean stuff, I stomp about in a right old huff!

 I would if I could, but I’m not always able, to find my way back to calm and stable. 

 This is when I need you more, I don’t want us to be at war. 


I hate it when you punish or threaten, you take away the things I love or tell me I’ll never get ‘em.

 That just makes me super mad, and underneath that ever so sad. 

 I feel far away from you, but I need you close, You are the one I love the most. 

 Besides, that way will never teach me a lesson, and it hurts you too: I see you stressin’. 

 What I need is to comprehend, how my feelings in my body send,

 Messages to me about what feels wrong or right, I can work it out  – without us having a fight. 


The best way you can teach me is to show, not tell. I need to see you do it as well. 

 When I’m struggling to find my calm, gently place your hand upon my arm.

 Reassure me with your eyes and kind smile, that you’ll stay here with me for a while.

 There is nothing really you can say, please don’t shout or send me away!

 It helps to know you can be with all of me,  Not just the fun bits or when I’m happy. 


We’re on the same team you and I, even when we don’t see eye to eye. 

 I can like green and you can like yellow. It takes more empathy and respect to keep it mellow. 

 Let’s make a promise to each other today, that when things get stormy we’ll try another way. 


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