When did life get so super crazy busy?

I jumped online this week to try and slow the pace down. We’ve created a world for children which perpetuates stress and it’s the number 1 reason why children are struggling today. Read my Letter to a Busy Mum to hear the voice of a child and how this massively affects them. 

What is contributing to the super crazy busyness?

  • School Pressure – too much homework and too many tests. Learning is meant to be fun. Check out Episode 26 The One with the Horrendous Homework
  • Social Media – comparing ourselves to others and trying to keep up. 
  • More Choice – after school clubs and activities aplenty mean children are overscheduled. It’s great we can make the most out of life, but at what cost?
  • Mobile Phones – create a perception that we can have what we want when we want it. This doesn’t mean we’re on call and available 24/7.
  • Rise of Z List Celebrities who are role modelling perfection in all areas of life – it’s OK to make mistakes and we must allow children to do so.
  • The Internet –  moving life online has created a breeding ground for paedophiles, bullying and addiction. It needs strict boundaries and constant monitoring. Check out Episode 14 – The One with the Frozen Planet.


Watch the video and then take stock.


Top tips for thriving amongst the busyness

  1. SAY NO – if you are over-scheduling yourself or your children, protect your time and theirs. Learn to say no (and still be a nice person).
  2. MAKE TIME – go to bed and get up earlier so you can slow down. My blog post What the Most Successful Mums Do Before Breakfast Time will help you.
  3. CREATE SPACE – schedule in regular PJ or duvet days where you are not operating to a schedule (oh the irony – scheduling to avoid scheduling!)
  4. LET IT GO – if you are setting the bar too high, learn to be kinder to yourself and cut yourself some slack.
  5. RE-PRIORITISE – habitually checking your phone every nano second means you check out from reality (and connecting with your kids). It can also mean that you are at everybody’s beck and call. If somebody texts you and you are not with your phone, that’s OK. It will keep whatever it is.
  6. GROUND + PROTECT YOURSELF –  I empower children to feel calm and safe by learning how to ground and protect their energy. Learn more about this and other practical fun tools in my book ‘Stuck Between Two Worlds’.
  7. STOP BASING YOUR WORTH ON WHAT YOU CAN DO – appreciate yourself for all that you are. Role model this as often as possible so your children know their worth from the inside out too.
  8. SCREENS OFF – go screen-free for a day every now and then or put your screens in a charging zone downstairs every night so they are not coming to bed with you.
  9. HAVE A SOOTHING BATH EVERY NIGHT – take your child back to when they were little and revisit bath time. Not only does it prepare your body for sleep but it is also a great way to connect with your child after a long day. Add a cup of Espom salts and some gorgeous essential oils
  10. DAILY BEDTIME RELAXATION – Science shows that breathing deep from our tummies, regulates big emotions, induces deep healing sleep and releases happiness hormones into our bodies. Over time, this has a cumulative effect and the results are pretty amazing. There are so many fab relaxation resources online, and I have made Smiley’s Sweet Dreams Bedtime Pack which you might like to try.

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