Building resilience in strong-willed sensitive children (Wildhearts) is an on-going process, but with an open heart and a little organisation, it can be easily woven into their daily life.

Consistency, patience and repetition are key.

Over time, little and often they will positively bloom!

I’m repeatedly asked:

‘I’m trying to help a Wildheart, what can I do?’

Good question. Sooooo many brilliant resources to choose from. I’ve been re-organising them into an Everything Wildheart page.

Wildhearts learn best when they’re having fun with a grown up they know, like and trust – simple!

What is their learning style?

  • if they are auditory learners, they’ll love Truly Madly Smiley
  • if they are visual learners, they’ll love the Energy Pod
  • if they are experiential learners – it’s either, or combination of both.

The truth is – there is no right or wrong way to learn.

Trying to wait until you’re ready or thinking you need to do it perfectly will keep you stuck. Perhaps a more relaxed approach? You know, it’s more about having fun with it. Explore and dive right in with as much curiosity as possible.

Smiley's Fav Energy Pods

My younger self choose these:

  1. sensitivity (I feel different for being this way)
  2. L❤VE (when I know I’m loved, I can do anything)
  3. overwhelm (crowds, loud noises, rushing about, overscheduling  – it wrecks my nervous system)
  4. guilt (it triggers people pleasing)
  5. anger ( I was punished for it)

Smiley's Fav TMS Episodes

Impossible to choose.  These light-hearted, cosy chats are such fun. Here’s the most listened to – chosen by Wildhearts (the best critics!)

  1. the one with the dark dark night 
  2. the one with the best day ever 
  3. the one with the ouchy old bruise 
  4. the one where loneliness paid a visit 
  5. the one with the broken friendship 

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You are not alone!

I figured out why the episode on loneliness has taken a bit of a hammering 😥 – – Wildhearts experience the world through their hearts.

They need solid relationships with consistent emotional connection and a good understanding of how the emotional part of them works. They feel utterly alone without it.

Trust and believe!

You are the expert!

I can tell you what I L❤VE, but honestly… ask them. They are the experts on them. You are the expert on you.

Unsolicited advice sucks. I hate it!

Wildhearts don’t like to be told, they like to take their time to feel their way. The right questions and choices help guide them. These old souls know 😉 A little nudge in the right direction from you (a big person they know, like and trust) is all it takes.

I’m a lifelong learning geek.

What about you?

As a Wildheart, I grow in confidence when I figure it out by myself. I know life is busy, but we must slow down.

Don’t rush me – I get frustrated!

We know, like and trust more when those pockets of time are made and protected for us so we can explore and stay curious.

Can’t Decide? Try this

  • Get your Wildheart to write down a few classes or episodes on post-it notes.
  • Screw up all the post-it notes and throw them across the room.
  • Ask your Wildheart to stand on each post-it note and see which one feels good to them. Invite them to close their eyes and really feel into it.
  • Open up the post-it notes of the ones that felt right!
  • Start with those! 

BTW, that awesome exercise works for so many other things too 😊.

Want to browse the Energy Pod library of classes?

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