I have the best job in the world!

It doesn’t feel like a job to be honest.  Ever since I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by human behaviour and how the pieces of life all fit together. Maybe that’s because for a long time, I was trying to figure out where mine went. At 18, I opted out of University and went to work as an Au-Pair in southern France.  The beautiful village of Vaison-La-Romaine became my home for a year where my love of children, food, cooking and all things Français began (not in that order). ‘Bye bye!’ big fat salary, ‘Hello!’ part-time Nanny job. After a chance meeting with a Life Coach, my eyes were opened and my world was catapulted into the realms of endless possibility.  A 2-year stint retraining as a Life Coach and reading every book I could get my hands on, eased me off the corporate treadmill.

My days were happier when I returned to my love of children and it helped pay the bills whilst building up my coaching practice. Later on I furthered my coaching skills and qualified as a Child Coach.

The best qualification is life experience

By the way, if you want to be a Child Coach, my advice would be to follow your heart. As cheesy as it sounds, every single challenge in my life has lead me to this.  For those of you that are interested, I trained here and to be honest, that was just the very beginning of my journey to becoming the Smiley Coach. 10 years later, I’ve coached hundreds children to feel better about themselves. All my work how comes through referrals from happy families who have worked with me.



I eat and breathe this stuff

It is my life and I am very passionate about it. I constantly read, share and connect with like-minded people. In fact, here is a list of my recommended books which have helped me along the way. I go on self development courses and spiritual adventures. I have regular therapy / supervisory sessions so I can grow through my work.  What I’m trying to say is: please don’t get too hung up on pieces of paper. It’s who you are and where you’ve been that will shape you into a fab Coach. I attract clients who have experienced the same as me growing up – anxiety, lack of self belief and self esteem, low self confidence, negative thinking, perfectionism, anger and a blurry sense of self. Blimey when you type it all out like that, it really doesn’t sound like fun. Here are 20 important facts I wish I had known growing up.

There were lots of good times too

I was lucky enough to attend a top school in Surrey, travel to Disney and tap dance with Roy Castle for Children In Need. I played the cello and piano, was a good Brownie, a strong swimmer and loved to play make believe with my sisters (I am the eldest of 4). As a grown up,  I love spending time with friends, blogging, watching murder mysteries and cooking. I am a true foodie. Sometimes only cheese and biscuits will do. I love to laugh and play. After all that is what life is about.

Amongst the craziness, there’s always something to smile about

Thanks for dropping by. If you’d like to know more about the  World of Smiley, you can connect with me on Facebook where we are building a strong community of parents who support, laugh and help each other with the trials and tribulations of every day life.


Smiley x

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