I’ve really been enjoying feedback from Truly Madly Smiley members. I set them a fun drawing challenge to shrink their worries.

I’m also feeling a tad nostalgic and incredibly excited about Just Like That – the next chapter of S3x and the City.

Do you remember, when I went on that epic trip to The Hay House Writers’ Workshop in NYC?

It’s lovely to see them taking action.

Many parents want their kids to be happy and develop these essential life skills, but not everybody has the Wildheart enthusiasm and staying power of my loyal listeners.

* round of applause, purleeese* 👏👏

I’m going to let you in on a secret……

Whilst taking action is a MUST for growing children with good self-esteem, and emotional smarts who thrive at life; taking the WRONG action is more damaging than scrolling on your phone thinking about it, and doing nothing.

Say you wanted to drive from Surrey to London, but unbeknownst to you, you took a wrong turn but kept driving (taking action). You’d end up in Wales or even Scotland.

The exact opposite of your goal.

In fact, sitting on your couch watching an episode of Eastenders would have gotten you closer to London than driving!

😖 And I don’t want that for you.

Here are a couple of flashing “Make a U-Turn Now” signs for your parenting road trip.

(And don’t worry if you’ve made one, two, or all of these mistakes … I see them as badges of honour, rites of passage, that only serious people make.)


⚡ Mistake #1 – Waiting for things to change

– While children go through developmental phases and have their own quirks (that make them uniquely gorgeous), many parents fail to see when something much deeper needs addressing.

Wildhearts have a specific temperament and that’s my area of expertise. If I had a penny for every parent who called me in a panic saying, ‘I wish we’d called you sooner!’….


⚡ Mistake #2 – Ignoring their Mum-tuition

– You see, even those of us who don’t “think” we need to listen, still have niggling doubts or inklings. Human nature dictates that our programming will negatively impact our children.

Think about it.

You’re going to either do the complete opposite to your parents, swinging too far the other way. Voila! A whole new set of issues. Or you’re going to repeat what you know…

BUT times have changed. These kids are growing up in toxic, stressful and funny times.

Besides, your kids aren’t you! Which brings me on to the next one…


⚡ Mistake #3 – Treating parenting like a skill set

– Look, I don’t think being a parent is easy, but it does get easier if you treat it as an extension of the relationship you have with yourself. If you don’t have good self-esteem, and suffer with your mental health, or if haven’t explored parts of your past (particularly the parts that hurt or challenged you), that’s a huge red flag. You’re going to come unstuck. So, all the parenting courses and books in the world will NOT help you. You have to help you first!


⚡ Mistake #4 – Thinking you’re in control

–Yeah! Me too. Bloody exhausting when you try and control the uncontrollable. You get the opposite of what you want.

🦋 Think of your child’s spirit like a butterfly.

Are you going to create a nice leafy, calm space for them to come and rest in when they need to (that requires a lot of trust in yourself and in them!)?

Or are you going to chase them about until you’ve caught them? They’re going to suffocate in your grasp…..or try to escape. 

Did you ever have a boss who micro-managed you?

Yeah, no thank you! Discernment is our friend here – knowing the difference between taking charge and stepping into our power versus micro-managing the soul out of people. Now don’t worry if you see yourself in there. I do! I mean, I don’t have kids but if I had them and I didn’t do this for a living, that would be me.

I was a CONTROL FREAK until I started this journey in 2009.

Looking back I’d have done a Super Nanny and implemented that godawful naughty step to ‘discipline’ my kids or I would have felt super guilty about leaving them (because I had chronic separation anxiety and a difficult relationship with my Mum).

You don’t know, what you don’t know!

Let’s flip the script

In this blog post, I’ll show you how.

The Meltdowns are Rare!

“My eldest has made great progress at The Energy Pod. The daily meltdowns are now very rare, and he even referred to his bedroom as his ’Happiness Room’ at the weekend which left me speechless. This was always where he would retreat when feeling angry.”

The Lady Who Takes My Worries Away

“My daughter really enjoys these sessions and describes you as ‘The Lady who takes her worries away!” Sometimes mums/dads can’t do it all on their own. It warms my heart to hear her chatting to you so comfortably and takes a huge weight off my shoulders when I know it’s not just all down to me to help her find solutions.”

A Creative Way to Express True Feelings

My son came buzzing from The Energy Pod today. It was so sweet, he wrote almost a page of his story on paper to share with you next week, (all of his own accord). He loves using creativity and imagination and we loved hearing about it.  He really is enjoying it Lisa. It is a great platform for them to express themselves.”

Energised for the Week Ahead!

“Thank you. The boys really enjoyed The Energy Pod – they were so engaged. Beforehand, my youngest who is 7 was adamant he wouldn’t join in and pushed away the worksheet. It was AMAZING to see how much he got out of the session. You saw how quickly he joined in and when you referred to the worksheet at the end he couldn’t wait to fill it in. I think you did an amazing job of keeping up with all the comments too. I will definitely be watching it back, but I certainly came away feeling energised which is saying something at 6pm on a Monday!”

Unbelievable! Helpful Insights into Their Inner World

“You aren’t going to believe it Lisa! We’ve finally done two of the classes: WORRY and ANGER. The stuff my son is coming out with is amazing, saddening and touching. They keep holding up their pictures and answers to your questions to the screen for you to see! I’m really pleased as it has given me such an insight into how he actually feels. I love the techniques you share. We really enjoyed being able to send our worries away by making paper aeroplanes. Thank you so much.I’m feeling hopeful this is just the beginning for us!”

Safe Sharing Space for Sensitive Wildhearts

“My daughter really enjoyed the class – even though she wasn’t in a good place emotionally. That’s when it’s been most helpful though. We’ve been having some really good chats on the way to our swimming class afterwards. It’s a relaxed way to share her world, if she wants to. There is no pressure, so she is still very keen to keep watching. Thank you!”

More Understanding - Learning Together!

“We really love your Energy Pod videos. We’ve been listening to them as a family and it’s a great way to get our son to share his feelings with us. It helps us to change the way we deal with him when he is emotional too. Our relationship has really improved in the last 2 weeks. This feel like progress. Thank you.”
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