Want to take your lovely parenting self by the hand and lead her to pastures calmer? 

  • feeling confident and reassured that you’re doing it the ‘right‘ way,

  • learning step by step the easy way to get back in the driving seat,

  • refocusing on what matters most and not getting caught up in the daily grind?

Get Smiley’s non-judgemental, practical coaching support so you can develop your own personal parenting blueprint that works for you and your child!

I’m ready to be a Magical Mama!









Magical Magical Mamas!

Do you ever think:

‘This isn’t what I signed up for!’

‘This is so fricking hard!’ I didn’t realise parenting would be such hard work!?’

Have your children stopped listening to you?

Are you sick and tired of repeating yourself?

Do you doubt yourself and wonder if you’re doing the right thing?


You are NOT alone!

At some point, every parent asks these questions because there is no One-Size-Fits-All-Bootcamp for raising small humans. It’s hard work, it’s stressful and it can be scary.

 So, what are you going to do about that?

I can help you if you’ll let me.

I can’t wait to share a few fundamentals that will make your life less stressful and worrisome. 

We’re going to schedule about 10 minutes every morning and 10 minutes every evening for 30 days. You don’t need to be a techno whiz! Quit starting with those excuses now.

There’s NO change without action.

I will give you daily, easy step-by-step instructions and accountability via email. You’re going to be surrounded by non-judgemental kindness in the form of other lovely Mums.  We’re all in this together. Isn’t that a relief?

Every day for 30 days, you’ll do ONE THING.

One small challenge and fill in the results on your tracker. From small changes you’ll learn big lessons. You’ll also get support and weekly live calls from me. I’ll make sure you stay on track and get shit done. No messing about but lots of fun and laughter along the way.

All you have to do…

is show up for 20 minutes a day! 

How many minutes a day do you already spend repeating yourself? No excuses. Simple, right?

It’s easy when you know how and I’m going to guide you using  my eBook ‘Rediscover the Magic of Parenting in a Busy World’ **. Back in 2014, before I wrote the book, I tested this simple coaching challenge with a group of lovely Mums. They had ONE bite-sized actionable task to complete for each of the 30 days. 

Click here to check out the magical results for yourself.  

(** If you already have a copy of the book, ping me an email and I’ll give you a discount coupon code so you can get £20 off this course).

You only have ONE THING to do a day. Just one.

Think: small tweaks, big differences. You don’t need to chuck the baby out with the bathwater. Sometimes just being aware of something, having acceptance and compassion, or seeing a situation from a different perspective can make a huge difference.

Let’s take a sneaky peek at the course materials …..

This Smiley course is for you if your child …

  • gets clingy and doesn’t like being apart from you
  • shouts or hits you when things aren’t going according to plan
  • is strong-willed and will frequently get locked in a power struggle
  • won’t go to sleep without you there
  • has meltdowns or emotional outbursts which seem to appear out of nowhere
  • is defiant or repeatedly up to mischief to get your attention

This Smiley course is for you whether you are: 

  • fed up of repeating yourself and have become a bit of a shouty-ranty pants (who wouldn’t – it’s so annoying when nobody takes any notice)
  • finding it difficult to navigate the emotional waters of Mummydom
  • thirsting for change, but don’t know which way to turn or how to make it happen
  • feeling stuck or uncertain and overwhelmed
  • obsessively worrying about your child and the struggles you see them faced with
  • tired of or totally anti old school parenting approaches and are looking for something new
  • feeling unappreciated, resentful and wondering why you ever signed up for this gig in the first place (yep we all have days like that)
  • wanting to build your family on secure foundations and need a friendly kick up the bum to help you get there!


What you’ll get …

My Ebook

A copy of my eBook ‘How to Rediscover the Magic of Parenting in a Busy World‘ which has a daily challenge. The secret is to keep doing and building momentum so after 30 days your relationship with yourself and with your child will have taken on a totally different energy. 

2 Bonus Videos

Bonus Video 1 uncover your family’s love language, and unlock this super easy and powerful parenting tool. 


 Bonus Video 2 how to use love languages to parent when anger appears. A  must see if you find it hard to deal with your own anger or your child’s.

A Smiley-Ometer

My easy to use tracking document, the Smiley-Ometer, is designed to help you reflect and note down your learnings from each challenge. You’ll be able to track what works and what doesn’t. Every family will put together a blueprint that is unique to them.  When you’re done, you simply rinse and repeat! 

You’ll also get Smiley support + motivation in spades!

Daily Smiley Emails

You will get a daily accountability email for 30 days. It will include a reminder of your daily challenge, encouragement and a prompt for your lessons learnt that day. I will track your responses + chase you up if you haven’t responded!

Group Support

You’ll join a private Facebook group for the duration of the 30 days. You will get additional support, advice + encouragement from other lovely mums who are just like you! You’re not alone!


Live Group Coaching

We will have a weekly group coaching call. You can ask me any questions about  the course, your children and family life. If you can’t make it, you’ll be sent a reminder to email your questions and I’ll still cover them off.

When do we start? 1st May 2019.

By 31st May you’ll feel like a new woman.

You’ll have released all your angst; you’ll feel reassured + confident about what’s next.

Imagine how much difference it would make if you could learn how to:

  • understand your triggers and shout less
  • set healthy boundaries (say no to your kids)
  • feel more grateful and focus on the positive
  • be less critical and more accepting (perfectionists I feel you!)
  • listen to really hear – not listen to reply, so you can really understand your child (active listening)
  • get in touch with healthy anger and what is really going on 
  • find another way to parent without punishments, threats, bribes or power struggles
  • spend less time planning and worrying and more time enjoying family life
  • factor in more fun (yes you have to schedule it if you’re a control freak like me because sometimes spontaneity feels too wacky and unsafe!)
  • manage screen time for your family
  • help your children become more independent and feel more confident









I’m ready to embrace my magicalness!


Why do you need to do this?

Your Child

They will thank you for it because your relationship with your child forms the blueprint for all other future relationships in their lives. Wow! You can read more about attachment theory here.

Respond NOT React

You will have focus and stop running around like a headless chicken putting out fires. 

Make Lasting Change

Googling and reading about your worries and problems won’t make them go away. Nor does  lying awake in bed worrying about it. Change won’t happen unless you do.  Take action Magical Mama!

Rinse + Repeat

Consistent baby steps is how new habits are created. After 30 days, you’ll be clear about what works for you + what’s next for you and your family.   

You're totally worth it!

If you want to be a good enough parent,  you must invest time in having a compassionate and healthy relationship with yourself , before you can optimally parent your family.  

You'll Feel Better

Imagine feeling more confident, more relaxed and being able to have fun with your family.









I’m ready to embrace my magicalness!



Why work with me?

Hi there! Nice to meet you. I’m Lisa;  better known as The Smiley Coach. For 10 years I’ve helped hundreds of lovely families like yours unravel, understand and change old patterns of behaviour, so you can live a MORE fulfilling and happy life.

Truth teller. KINDNESS Spreader. Creative Doodlebug. Ninja Detective. Recovering Perfectionist. CURIOUS Life Explorer. Empathy Educator. 

Through an intense journey recovering from childhood trauma – I’ve discovered my own blend of healing. I’m not a parent, or a therapist, but I most certainly have done my time in the trenches exploring deep grief, and all the icky emotions which come from recovery. 

It helps to have somebody hold your hand when you’ve lost your parenting mojo and are embarking on a little self discovery. It also helps to have somebody who knows their shiz, who can make you laugh and who gets you. NO JUDGEMENT here!

I want the best for you and your family. I have so much natural empathy for children and I’m razor sharp when it comes to making sure they feel seen, heard and validated for who they are. 


Got questions on your mind? 

When does it start?

1st May 2019. You’ll receive an email from me with everything you need to crack on. 

Are my children the right age?

The relationship you have with your child is the template for all other future relationships in their life. Age is nothing but a number! Up until the age of 7, when your child’s sense of self is formed, you’re the biggest influence in their life. After that, it will take more time to unpick the patterns of relating and create new habits.

But it CAN BE DONE. And it MUST be – what could be more important than that?

You may have to run the 30 day cycle more than once, that’s all. Once we’ve completed it together, you’ll know what to do.

What sort of challenges will you be doing?

We will be covering: love languages, empathy, boundaries, punishment, power struggles, anger, bedtime, screens, quality time, active listening, praise, gratitude, emotional regulation, worries, mindfulness, independence, chores & responsibility, whinging (yours and theirs!), perfectionism and more. 

I have a full time job, am a Magical Mama and a dog walker, will I have time for this?

If you’ve got time to scroll through Facebook, watch TV or drink a cup of tea, then you have time for this!

If you don’t have time to do these things, even more reason for you to make time and jump on board.

What could be more important than making this commitment to you and your child? It’s 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes before you shut your eyes at night. Or you can find pockets of time –  like when you’re waiting in the car being a Mum taxi or sitting in traffic. 

It's not the right time for me, will you offer this again?

I don’ t know is the honest answer, but you can buy the eBook and have a crack at it yourself. I won’t be there to gently guide you back or answer your questions if you choose to opt for this way. 

>>Click here to buy the eBook anyway!

Will you record it all?

Everything will be recorded. You will have access to the course for longer than 40 days. The eBook, videos and Smileyometer are yours to keep. 

REMEMBER – a part of this course is live accountability (daily emails, checking in with how you feel and your learnings). If you don’t fancy that and are choosing to go it alone, simply grab the eBook and go for it!

Will you tell me how to parent ?

No, I’m not a parenting coach, but I will show you how when you approach the relationship differently, everything changes. Like magic!

Does the course come with a guarantee?

As with life, there are no guarantees but if you follow my step by step instructions and are open to learning / trying things differently, you’ll definitely see a big improvement. 

Does this work if I'm divorced?

You cannot do anything about your child’s relationship with the other parent (including over compensate or pick up after them!), but what you can do is concentrate on  your role as a parent and what you bring to the party. It’s not about being all things to your child, it’s about meeting their individual needs.

I'm not on Facebook, can I still join in?

You need to be on Facebook to join in the LIVE calls, but if you want to be a less active participant, you can still enrol to get all the course materials and daily encouragement / accountability emails from yours truly. The live calls will be recorded and posted online for you to watch back as replays if you have FOMO (fear of missing out!).

How do I know if my family needs a tune up?

There’s nothing wrong here. Quite the opposite! Healthy and self aware parents recognise that their relationship with their child is a priority and like all relationships, it’s not perfect but it flourishes when you give it the right kind of time and attention. 

What other parents say …

This has been such an eye opener and a whole new world of thinking for me. I’ve loved it! Being a parent is a job I massively underestimated but when you have all this information at your fingertips and presented in such a way, it keeps you feeling really positive – even on those really tough days.  Thank You!”

“I think the biggest thing for me was letting my child trust their gut instinct. I loved reading one challenge a day and trying to move forward. I have a tendency to be a shouty Mum and my children have told me that I haven’t shouted that much recently.”

“I really enjoyed challenging myself and my family – some were harder than others. We will go back and do it again. Thank you for getting us to have a new experience and teaching us different ways of communicating.”

What are you waiting for?









I’m ready to embrace my magicalness!


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