I truly love my job

How many people can say that? That’s because weird and wonderful stuff happens to me every week and I never know what I’m going to get.

So this week, I Skyped a snail. Shrek magically shaped a very interesting coaching session about the importance of boundaries.  His magic was so awesome, that he then came to coaching and met Smiley. If that sparks your curiosity, then you might want to go behind the scenes to read about more Magical Coaching Moments with my little clients.

In other news: my very clever friend, Diana Jordan, published her book: ‘Dealing with Divorce. A guide for parents who want to stay out of court and save their money and sanity.’ I have to say I love her approach because above all, she makes children the priority. People underestimate the end of a family. Well the end of anything really. I hate goodbyes. Have you ready my latest blog post about separation anxiety?



Moving along to another Diana: ‘Diana:Her Fashion Story’  was how I spent my day off with my lovely friend Julia (the one who built my website). I sobbed into a box of tissues watching William and Harry on the TV the other night talking  fondly of the legacy she has left. Did you see it? You can follow me on Instagram if you want to keep up with that kind of thing:-)



I want to create change

I loved Diana. Apart from her obvious magic (and she was a Princess), she changed our monarchy. I wish I could have met her. I am hugely inspired by her kindness and compassion.  The way she could connect with anybody and put them at ease. Her energy was transformational; rounding off the edges of the Royals and leaving her mark on the world. I want to create change. Not at that level, but by helping one child at a time.

I want to help children who struggle

I really really care about that because I grew up not knowing how to deal with this stuff – it would feel like a total waste if I didn’t share the love!  I really do want to watch them shine. So, that’s why I’ve created something new and different for the return to school.

As the new school term looms large, my Back to School Confidence Pack is perfect for all the children who struggle with transitions and who aren’t big fans of school, it will be the boost they need. It’s 60 minutes of Smiley and comes with a motivational download and a workbook as well as some other goodies. You can find out more here. 

I know it may seem very early to be thinking about school, I’m sure you have way more exciting stuff to be doing right now, but you know what happens if you put it off? It will creep up on you like a muffin top on your skinnies when you aren’t looking.

When it comes to our mental health, prevention is better than cure. We need to start before we are ready.

Wouldn’t you love to pick them up on their first day and hear that it went well?


Coaching is the gift that keeps on giving

This week a Mum wrote to me to tell me how her son was doing one year after coaching has finished. My heart literally jumped for joy knowing that my little client – Elliot was able to find his way. He was very nervous when he came to coaching and would often have intrusive thoughts which went around on a loop keeping him awake at night.

He was an absolute pleasure to coach with a really cheeky sense of humour which we used to switch up the energy when the worries got too big.

Have a read and see if it doesn’t make you feel the same.

Hi Lisa

I hope you are well. Thank you for all your uplifting emails.

I wanted to send you an update on how Ethan is doing a year on from when we first saw you. We are so proud of how far he has come. I think he will always be an anxious person but he is really learning to manage it and his confidence has really grown. He has even said that he is proud of himself on a number of occasions (these moments still bring me to tears, it is so amazing that he can be proud of himself).

Ethan is coming up to the end of term and the last couple of weeks has been really busy for him. This has made his head very busy at nighttime so he has struggled to sleep. However even whilst tired he has managed a range of activities that he would not have had the confidence or courage to attempt this time last year, for example:

* His performance was rewarded in Science and he was selected to go on a special science day with a small group where he got to meet a female astronaut.

* He was chosen to represent his school in District Sports in the sprint and relay (last year he dropped out of athletics club as he was too worried). He came 4th in the sprint race and his relay team came 4th in the final. He was very positive about his results.

* He positively informed me he was participating in the school piano concert this year (was an absolute no no last year). We were so proud watching him play his short piece. He did make a couple of mistakes, but he did it and he didn’t berate himself for his mistakes.

* He did a charity bike ride a few weeks back that he had an accident on last year and completed this year 45 minutes before his friends

* He had a surfing lesson during half term and did brilliantly. He stood up on his second go and he now wants a surf board for Christmas!

* He went wake boarding for the first time last weekend with a friend and enjoyed it without asking for support from us – he didn’t need it!

We have told him how proud of him we are. I just can’t believe how far he has come since last year. We really appreciate the little things that other parents may take for granted.

You helped him (and us) with the tools he needed to start enjoying life again. He still puts himself in his field when he has a busy head. Thank you so much.

We still have some challenges ahead, like the year 6 Residential coming up and he will start Secondary School the year later but we all feel so much better. We can use the approaches we have and I think his confidence will help to get him through.

Ethan’s school report said: “I’ve loved teaching Ethan this year. He is thoughtful, imaginative and a delight to have in the class. I think he has grown in confidence as the year has gone on, and his quirky sense of humour has started to shine through. I hope he thinks he has done well this year. I hope he takes his confidence and self-belief to Year 6 and performs brilliantly. He has been an absolute pleasure to teach.”

Just wanted you to know what you helped Ethan to achieve. Thank you so much. We have our happy boy back! What you do is super important to all the children you help and their families. Thank you for being Smiley Lisa 😀

Best wishes for a lovely Smiley Summer!

Love, Sue

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