What we focus our attention on grows

and we want a life full of the things we love ūüôā

Every Feel Good Friday over in Chatty Club, we like to create an energy of gratitude to send out positive vibes into the Universe, I would like to share with you 10 things I’m LOVING right now:-

1. My Homphoto (43)e

This picture¬†hangs in my hallway and it’s the first thing you see when you open the front door. ¬†Recently I’ve been having a huge de-clutter and a few trips to the skip and charity shop. There is nothing quite like it. Energetically clearing and physically making your home a space that is full of love, harmony and whatever else you want it to be full of. This is without doubt good for the soul.

coaching room collage2.  My Coaching Room

I moved in last year and I feel so proud that I now have a coaching place I can call home. The kids love it too; with its light up fish tank, bright colours and welcoming energy, they instantly feel relaxed and safe. It’s a huge milestone. ¬†I’ve coached over 300¬†children¬†since I started 5 years ago. It’s a privilege to be part of their lives and know that their¬†families feel happier. I’m so lucky to be doing this as a job – it never feels like work.

3.  Smiley for Life Creative Coaching Workshops

Creative,¬†fun and yet ever so practical are these super special workshops that help children feel gorgeous from the inside out. They really do. If you were a fly on the wall, you wouldn’t believe your eyes. I love it most that the children who are brave enough to show up, are comfortable enough to talk about their friendship wrangles, their worries and what challenges them most days. I’m not sure that all grown ups would do the same.¬†It is always great to see the groups connect and for the children to be able to help each other. ¬†There’s something very powerful about knowing you are not alone with your stuff. ¬†Visit my workshop page to find out what workshops are coming up soon if your kids want to join in the fun.


4.  Dr Laura Markham

This lady rocks.  She is the guru of attachment parenting and when it comes to sticky moments with your kids, she has it all sorted.   Her website Aha Parenting is full of practical tips on how to nurture your children  as well as making parenting more rewarding.  Check it out for yourself.

5.  Robbie Williams I Love My Life

“I might not be there for all your battles but you’ll win them eventually. I’ll pray that I’m giving you all that matters!’

Robbie wrote this for his kids and if you listen to the lyrics, you will get it. The affirmations: I am powerful. I am beautiful. I am free. Some new Smiley Thought Cards in there Rob. Thanks for that! The vibration of music lifts our mood. This is a great thing to remember if the mood gets a bit low in your house. A little boogie works wonders too. My favourite song for that is¬†You’ve got the Love by Candi Stanton.

patrons_heads_together6.  The Royal Family

I was very obsessed with Diana growing up. Obviously because she was a Princess and I thought she was beautiful. Her energy lives on in her sons and they are doing her good work now¬†by raising awareness for mental health. Their Heads Together¬†campaign¬†is much needed. I think we really need to move beyond the stigma that can often come with having a mental health issue. Not that I’m wearing my anxiety disorder like a badge of honour, but it’s soooooo important that people talk about how they feel. If you want to rate your emotional intelligence, you can take my quick and easy test here. We go to the gym and nourish our bodies so why not our minds and emotions too.

chatty club header7.  Chatty Club

The Mums in there are so bloody awesome. It’s taken us quite a while to get to know each other since we launched last Summer, but I have to say I’m so chuffed how it’s come together. Like a Smiley Sisterhood, it was much needed for all you lovely Mums who are juggling 50,000 to dos every day. ¬†My favourite bits are when they all start chatting and being there for each other. I also love the monthly Master Class and the super Smiley library which is a power house of videos, worksheets, downloads and resources for you and your kids. It’s a bargain at ¬£8.50 a month and the secrecy element is what helps everybody to feel safe. There is none of that Fakebook editing that goes on in our little club. We like to keep it real.¬†and we have rules and boundaries so people know where they are at. We take care of each other and we are all in it together as we grow and learn on our individual journeys through Mummydom.

carrieintherain8.  Rain

OK please don’t beat me all down with a big umbrella. I’m ginger and I don’t fare well in 90 degree heat. ¬†Wardrobe dilemmas, fake tan misdemeanours and general sweatiness is not my idea of good weather. ¬†Blue skies and a gentle breeze as I walk through the park. ¬†Yes I can do that. Sleepless nights with a noisy fan and being eaten alive by bugs. I once returned from Thailand looking like a leper as I was head to toe in weeping bites. Beautiful. I cannot do that. ¬†The rain that we have had lately has been a blessing. ¬†Amen!

9.  Emotional Freedom Technique

Lately with some of my more anxious clients, I have been using Emotional Freedom Technique. ¬†EFT uses the same energy spots as traditional acupuncture to calm the nervous system. ¬†Children can release negative emotions (such as anxiety, sadness or anger) simply by tapping each meridian point and breathing deeply. ¬†A step-by-step guide of how to tap (it’s easy when you know how) can be found here

Image result for davina mccall lessons i've learnt10. ¬†Lessons I’ve Learned By Davina McCall

Already a huge fan of this strong and real woman – not just for her sugar free lifestyle, handsome hubby and super flat stomach, but I also love to watch her bring families back together on the TV Show, Long Lost Family. I actually sit down to watch it with tissues and cry tears of joy¬†as families who have never met each other are brought together with hope and love. Aaaah that’s what matters in life. Those magical moments. There are plenty of those in Davina’s new book ‘Lessons I’ve Learned’.¬†She talks about how not to screw up your kids, how to have more gratitude and how to listen more. She talks a lot of sense and I devoured this one in 2 days.

So what about you? I’d love to hear what you love about your life right now. ¬†Put your favourite things in the comments box below and inject a bit of Gratitude into your day. ¬†If you want to crank it up a notch in the gratitude and love department,¬†you can join us for Smiley TV. ¬†Go on……….spread the LOVE & HAPPINESS!


Smiley x

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