Hi! My name is Lisa.

I am an Intuitive Coach & Creative Encourager. I provide emotional and practical guidance for highly sensitive women who want to ditch the self-doubt, find their authentic voice and follow their Wildhearts!

It’s time to put yourself first for once, and unearth your TRUTH. Make time to get to know the REAL you!

Whatever is inside of you needs to be expressed. Whether that’s your gifts to share with the world, or like me, the false beliefs and nasty inner critic that holds you back from reaching your full potential in life.

It’s never too late to find your voice, rewrite your story and give yourself the HAPPY ever after you deserve.


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Learn with Me!

Courses & journals for highly sensitive souls who want to embrace their sensitivity, love themselves fiercely and find their true voice. 

“Years of therapy and no one ever explained it like that.

I find this work with you liberating and reassuring. I’m beginning to see how it’s all impacted me, and make sense of why I have the thoughts and beliefs that I do. It’s VALIDATING to hear you talking about it so openly. Nobody seems to understand it as fully as you do, Lisa. Just to hear somebody else affirm that the way they’re treating me is WRONG. It gives me more COMPASSION for myself and less like there is something WRONG with me.”

Wildheart Book Clubber

The courage to find my lost soul.

I was a blogger and I put my pen to rest forever after some awful online incidents. I didn’t pick it up again for years, until recently when you invited me to your journaling class. You may feel you haven’t seen the impact of your work in online interactions or traffic, but it’s THE HEART you’ve turned. I struggled to write at first, but with the sessions I’ve attended, I have the COURAGE to be with my pen and have the CONFIDENCE to give value to what I write. I think it’s the biggest courage and feeling you can give to somebody – like finding your lost soul. Thank you!”

Wildheart Journaler

“Meeting myself with love. I no longer feel invisible.

“I felt invisible and ignored myself for years. The minute I signed up and did something just for me, was the moment my life changed for the BETTER. Lisa is an angel. I’ve got my life back. I have a much clearer sense of who I really am. I am showing myself love in all these little ways that make  such a BIG difference to how I feel about myself. Thank you!

30-Day Journaling Experience

“The beginning of something new.

I was excited to meet my inner child and find out what she needed from me. I wanted to feel EMPOWERED, so I could use my VOICE assertively and feel more in control of my life. I think it’s AMAZING that I’m on the way to doing ALL of those things! Thank you for being so GENEROUS with everything you’ve shared about your experiences.”

Wildheart Book Clubber

“Bringing me back to life! You’re truly gifted. Safety in people is not something I’ve ever experienced. You are that safe person.”

I’ve worked with therapists before but always found them to be too clinical. Working with Lisa has been LIFE-CHANGING. I’ve been able to unravel my past, to reconnect with myself in a way that wasn’t previously possible. I now realise I’ve spent the majority of my life in survival mode, you have helped me get back in touch with my feelings, to recognise them, to feel them.I have been able to let go of things I have been holding on to all my life and the RELIEF is immense! Your validation, empathy and kindness is breathtaking and has allowed me to recognise my strengths, to see talents where I didn’t previously and to have the courage to explore them. I am very grateful for you.”

Follow Your Heart Intuitive Coaching

“I’ve been to my fair share of healing circles, but not felt as grounded & calm as I do here.”

It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed diving into the content, but most of all, I enjoyed connecting with your energy, and with people who get it! It was deep and intense at times, but the group felt SAFE enough to go to there. Thank you!”

Wildheart Book Clubber

“Calling you that day was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

You’ve helped me celebrate what a wonderful family I already have. I feel POSITIVE again. You’ve seen me evolve from a desperate, sad mum to a JOYFUL person once more. When things get heated, I find myself channelling you. I say, ‘We’re not at war, we are a family’ and I have a little chuckle to myself! I cannot thank you enough for your input to our lives and I will be forever grateful.”

Mum of  Wildheart Daughter

“Somewhere I’m understood and held without fear. 

A big thank you! Well done Lisa for delivering some great sessions. I feel slightly sad that you can’t see the laughs, the smiles, the tears and lots and lots of nodding!”

Wildheart Book Clubber

“Listening to other people’s stories has been invaluable to me.”

I have ignored myself for years but hearing my story and emotional struggles through their words made it possible for me to see myself.”

Wildheart Book Clubber

“Safe, Generous, Compassionate & Funny!

“You’re so GENEROUS with your time and what you have shared Lisa. Thank you. It’s genius the way you hold the energy of the group too. You take us to vulnerable places with SAFETY and limitless COMPASSION, but you’re also HILARIOUS – I’m laughing out loud right now!”

Wildheart Book Clubber

“Your book has transformed the energy and landscape of my heart.”

“I’ve been reading Stuck Between Two Worlds over the past few days and have about 50 pages left. I’ve LOVED it. It has added itself to my mind and heart already. Ruby and Nettie are new friends to me now. I’m very grateful to you, Lisa, for having written this story. I really feel as if it has transformed the energy and landscape of my heart. Thank you!”

Wildheart Book Clubber

“I was way out of my comfort zone and it blew my mind!”

“I’ve never been one to journal, and I’m not confident in groups either but this was completely different! I came to Journal in your Jammies feeling STUCK and frozen out from my feelings, with no sense of what I needed. Lisa’s guidance and techniques made it possible for me to offload. I left feeling CONNECTED and LIGHTER. Such a peaceful space which is non-challenging and allows room for self-discovery. Thank you Lisa!”

Journal in your Jammies

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