One-to-One Child Coaching

Nowadays, there seems to be so much pressure to do it all, be it all and have it all.  Of course, your child has the added pressure of growing up too and I want to make it that little bit easier and of course; fun! My tailor-made coaching and support focuses on providing a very clear sense of self for a very specific purpose.

I coach from my room in Weybridge, Surrey. It is an informal and relaxed setting which the children feel at home in. In fact some of them find it quite magical with its sensory fish tank, positive thought mirror, power animals and colourful wall art. On a practical level, there is parking nearby as well as a lovely high Street of shops and cafes so parents can have ‘Me Time’ while your child is in session. My address is: Smiley HQ, No7 Investment House, 28 Queen’s Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9UT.


My role is to add to the life skills your friends and families have already given to your child – because sometimes we don’t always listen to the people we love when they are trying to help us. Some of the things I’ve helped children cope with are:-

  • perfectionism
  • decision making
  • friendship conflicts
  • bullying
  • romance
  • sibling rivalry
  • meeting new people
  • ‘butterfly brain’ (anxiety provoking thinking, over thinking and worrying)
  • getting organised and being on time
  • facing fears and finding coping strategies for dealing with them
  • losing loved ones or coping with serious illness
  • handling stress or life changing events  e.g. changing schools, moving house, sitting exams,

I coach children from age 9 up to teenagers. There are 4 very good reasons for this:-

  1. My coaching techniques are fun and creative, however they are not suitable for little ones. Check out my creative coaching workshops if your child is younger.
  2. For young children, I still think parents and other influential adult figures can still massively shape a child (self esteem is formed around 8). It’s nurture not nature.
  3. I don’t want little people to have to worry about that sort of stuff.
  4. Children are constantly changing (like the weather!) so allow them their developmental phases and watch your reaction to it. It’s the fear in you that will be wanting to ‘control’ any out of character behaviour. Fear is the opposite to love.
Face-2-Face sessions vary depending on which programme you have signed up for. There are also Skype, telephone or email Check Ins and an Action Tracker so you can watch your progress.


I coach Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with some availability on a Saturday morning.


After school my appointment times are 3.30pm, 4.30pm, 5.30pm and 6.30pm. Please allow time for rush hour traffic.

On a Saturday morning my appointment times are 9am, 10am and 11am.

During the school holidays, there is some availability during the day – please ask!

Prices start from £85 depending on the package you choose.See Fees for more information.


Smiley Coaching works and you can read all the wonderful feedback from other families I have helped over the years. I am also a member of Kallikds (endorsed for parents, by parents) and was winner of the ‘Best UK Family Service‘ award in 2015. I also have a Frequently Asked Questions document which is useful to read before you embark on Smiley Coaching.


kallikidstickofapprovalfull   Featured in Daily Mail  

I believe cultivating self esteem and self-belief is extremely important if you want to be happy and enjoy your life.  When we get really clear about who we are and what are good at, the magic starts to happen!

Coaching is fun and light hearted! However it does have a big message and gives children life skills which last into adulthood. I want to help children recognise what they are good at and build on that I want to help them find their passion in life and to get creative whenever they can. As we grow older, we tend to stifle that side of us. It’s an important part of who we are. Besides we are a long time grown-up, so having chance to play and be playful brings out the lightness in life.

Step 1: Book your Meet Smiley Session

This is a 50 minute Face-2-Face session where we can identify where and how I can help your child. It’s important we are a good fit for each other and that I get to know you a bit better. You may be asked to complete questionnaire or at least reflect on your answers beforehand.

If your session is successful, we will also agree on a suitable coaching programme for your child. There are various types of coaching programmes which you can read about here. I will then email you a coaching agreement and confirm next steps.

Step 2: Booking and Payment

You can book and pay online here. Please read a copy of my terms of business here.

Step 3: Your Child’s First Coaching Session

In preparation for your first session, please discuss with your child what they would like help with and encourage them to bring it to the session. Please also bring with you the signed coaching agreement and any other paperwork which is requested. Lisa will come down and meet you at your agreed appointment time.

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