Which type of Smiley coaching is right for my child?

There is something for everybody, so have a look around and trust yourself to decide what you think is right for your child.

I think coaching works best when it’s a family affair. I think a child’s behaviour is a symptom of their environment and the way it makes them feel. They are communicating to us that something doesn’t feel right for them. Often it’s a case of a mismatched parenting style with the child’s temperament. If you have a Wild Heart (strong-willed sensitive child), they do not respond well to mainstream parenting. They need something a little different.

Smiley Online + Skype Calls from £30

Hop on over to my Online Learning Den where you will find coaching packs for children and parents which have all been tested with other families and are created with your emotional wellbeing in mind.

  • A mixture of videos, worksheets and audios, you can access the courses from any device online
  • You will be fully supported by Smiley and the online community
  • You will be able to chat to other families who are working their way through the same learning packs as you (anonymously if you wish)
  • There is also the opportunity to upgrade to Speak to Smiley video chat (Skype or Face time) which can be bought as a one off or in a bundle. These calls are purely in relation to the learning pack you have purchased

Bespoke Intensive 121 Child Coaching

Starting at £999 my 121 bespoke coaching programmes are unique to each child. Coaching is a process which needs commitment and time to make a difference. There is no magic bullet or quick fix. If you are looking for something less intense, then you will need group coaching or the online coaching option (above).

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