Which type of coaching is right for you?

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Creative Coaching Workshops (aged 7-10 year olds)


The Energy Pod: The weekly workout for your family’s emotional wellbeing

1-2-1 Tailor Made Child Coaching (7 – 18 year olds)


Online Learning Den (for all the family)


Which type of Smiley coaching is right for my child?

There is something for everybody, so have a look around and trust yourself to decide what you think is right for your child.

I think coaching works best when it’s a family affair. I think a child’s behaviour is a symptom of their environment and the way it makes them feel. They are communicating to us that something doesn’t feel right for them. Often it’s a case of a mismatched parenting style with the child’s temperament. If you have a Wild Heart (strong-willed sensitive child), they do not respond well to mainstream parenting. They need something a little different.

Don’t know where to start?

Go for a Meet Smiley session and build from there. If you are still not sure, book a Parent’s FREE Clarity Call and we can talk it through.

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