What type of Smiley coaching?

There is something for everybody, so have a look around and trust yourself to decide what you think is right for your child.

I think coaching works best when it’s a family affair; a child’s behaviour is a symptom of their environment. They’re communicating to us that something doesn’t feel right.  All behaviour is driven by feelings and so growing emotional intelligence is at the heart of my work.

Clubs + Classes

The Energy Pod is my online weekly workout for your family’s emotional wellbeing. Each class is recorded and available to download here. Seasonal ad-hoc workshops and classes are run throughout the year so sign up to the newsletter so you don’t miss out.

Smiley’s Toolkit 

Tap into all Smiley’s wonderful coaching tools (including her ever popular Smiley Thought Cards) and learn  from the comfort of your own home. There are lots of engaging fun videos, worksheets and audios all created and presented by Smiley. These easy step-by-step coaching packs allow you to go at your own pace and learn together as a family from any electronic device.

Learn with Smiley 

Support and boost your self study with a video chat (Skype or Face time) with Smiley. You can have a one off session or save money  with a bundle of sessions. Available with any purchase from Smiley’s toolkit.

Private 121 Child Coaching

(limited availability)

Starting at £999 my 121 bespoke coaching programmes are unique to each child and their family. Coaching is a process which needs commitment and time to make a difference. There is no magic bullet or quick fix. If you’re looking for something less intense, then you will find The Energy Pod or Learn with Smiley more suitable.

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