Are you ready for Summer?


Starting Monday 24th July over 100 Smiley families will be getting their happy on!

Is that you and your family?


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Let’s all enjoy Summer and make this a good one to remember!


Have some questions? Let me help you …


‘I don’t want them on screens every day!’

No neither do I. I am a huge advocate of large doses of fresh air and nature (I’m a secret tree hugger too). Your child will be on a screen for tops 20 minutes and the rest of the time, they will be creating, having fun and trying out new stuff. Screens have their place and this is a great way for me to connect with you and your family, as well as for you to try out some Smiley coaching. You may be surprised how your kids respond but you don’t know unless you try.


‘How safe are we online?’

You are very safe with me.

  • The material is delivered to the email address you sign up with
  • I do not share your email address or personal details with everybody
  • The Facebook Group is a closed group which means only the people in are privy to what goes on
  • You don’t have to join the Facebook Group – you are given that choice when you sign up (see question below about hating social media or not having a Facebook account)
  • After Summer Club all the material will be stored in my online school which you will have access to


‘We’re not around at that time during the Summer.’

If you are not around from 24th July for 10 days, then fear not! All the materials will be saved in one place for you to access when you are good and ready. It will stay live probably for the rest of this year so even though you are going away, Smiley is here to stay.


‘It’s not going to work for us; we’re all different ages in our family ranging from little ones to tweens.’

There is something Smiley for the whole family, so don’t put limitations on who will like what. If you like it and are happy with it, guess what? They will follow your lead. It’s a great way to bring you together as a family and have a shared goal of trying something completely different.


‘We want to have fun this Summer and step away from school and learning type stuff.’

I think Summer is the best time to learn and you can read more about why you shouldn’t break up with me in this blog post. We learn best when we are having fun and relaxed. We often forget this because school can create lots of stress for lots of us and so when we associate learning with school, we stop learning all together. Learning about life and ourselves is fun. Exploring with playful curiosity and enjoying learning is what makes lots of us tick.


‘I’m managing a tight budget this Summer so what else do we need to buy to take part?’

When I say it’s free, it really is free. I will ask you to do some crafts so bring along your pads, paper, pens and pencils. You might want to print off some of the worksheets but if you are eco-friendly and would rather not, you can view them on screen and still answer the questions without printing them out.


‘I’m not good with technology and don’t think this is for us.’

You don’t have to be a wizard with technology. You need two things:

1 Email

2 Facebook.

All the activity and instructions are delivered by email to your inbox with easy links. One click and you’re there! You’ll be either watching a video or downloading an activity sheet. If you are a fan of social media, you can show up in the Facebook group (you will be sent a link to this when you register) to join in the discussion or listen to me on a live video. You can choose to join in by typing in the chat roll or sit and watch what everybody else is doing. Simples. Sometimes our fear of things new makes us think we can’t do it, but when we start rocking out something new, we feel good for mastering it and it’s never as tricky as we think it is. If you are really worried: get in touch and I will help you.


‘I hate social media and we’re not on Facebook so can we still join in?’

The link to the Facebook group is sent to you by email when you register and this is totally your choice. If you decide not to be part of the Facebook group, you will miss out on the daily activity in there – chat, meet ups with other families and live coaching from me. It’s the Smiley energy that people marinade in which is inspiring, motivating and encouraging. If social media really is not your thing or you don’t have a Facebook account, then you will still get all the material sent to you by email. You can still do it at home and use it as something new to try as a family. Shared goals bring you closer together. We often forget we are on the same team!


‘Can I invite my friends?’

Yes of course! The more the merrier. You can send your friend the link to sign up. Just cut and paste it into a text or an email.

Please don’t add people to the Facebook Group once you are in there. They won’t receive the email notifications and will miss out on the important stuff. You need to register especially if you want the final link to all the material once Summer Club is over. They need to register just like you did.

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