Who are they for?

Girls and boys aged 7-10 years old and are great fun for everybody, however they may be particularly useful if your child:

  • is lacking in self confidence or needs reassurance when trying new things for the first time
  • is being bullied at school or struggle to make friends
  • is moving schools or making the leap from Junior to Senior school
  • is nervous about speaking in front of the class, taking exams or meeting new people
  • is typically an introvert, worrier or over thinker

PLEASE NOTE: Parents are not permitted to stay for the session as in our experience, this hugely impacts on the dynamic of the group and how children respond.


What topics do you cover?

Here is a list of popular workshops:

  • The Secret Ingredients of Self Confidence
  • Friendship Know How
  • Get Your Worries Out
  • Get Your Happy On

You can find out what is currently available on Eventbrite or Facebook




 When do they happen?

On a Sunday – usually twice a month. Stay in touch and sign up for my newsletter to find out new workshop dates as they are announced. (I promise not to share your details with anybody else and not to bombard you with emails)

Where do they take place?

At various places in Surrey. We are currently running workshops at The Medicine Garden in Cobham and trialling a new venue in Woking.


How long are they for?

Each workshop is delivered in two parts – 2 Sundays, 2 hours each, 2 weeks apart. There is a good reason for this:

  • Continuity and familiarity provide a safe and secure place where your child feels comfortable
  • The material is delivered in manageable bite-sized chunks to prevent overwhelm
  • The content is fun and engaging ensuring your child has a good time
  • The time between the workshops allows your child the space to process and digest what they have learnt
  • Crafts, games and creative activities relax and engage your child so they can listen and share
  • A warm friendly group means never being alone with your stuff which is hugely validating (and a huge relief for some children)
  • Smiley’s toolkit is vast and varied as we recognise that not one size fits all
  • The workshops are very much child led which means your child gets what they need at that time

How much do they cost?

Workshops are from £70 upwards (Earlybird price). We do require 24 hours notice in the event of a cancellation.

 Why do they work?

Learning creatively is more relaxing for children and it means they are more open to taking it all in on a much deeper level. Smiley workshops are delivered by my capable team of Smileyettes. They are trained by me, shadow me for a year and know everything I know. They also have a strong background in working with children and are DBS checked. Smiley for Life workshops can also help your child to:-

  •    Feel good about themselves as often as possible
  •    Recognise their place in the world & what makes them special
  •    Stand up for themselves from a place of self respect & kindness
  •    Develop courage & a mindset to cope with life’s disappointments, struggles & problems
  •    Be responsible, feel empowered and take action

Smiley for Life is the creative way to confidence. The workshops feature tried and tested life coaching techniques mixed with crafty creative fun.  You can expect to experience:

  • music interpretation
  • crafts
  • activity worksheets
  • games
  • guided visualisations
  • role play

It’s really important that your child is ready for coaching

As with all things new, it’s normal to expect some apprehension and uncertainty, however, if your child is very resistant to coming, please don’t force it.  PLEASE NOTE: Parents are not permitted to stay for the session as in our experience, this hugely impacts on the dynamic of the group and how children respond.

What can my child expect?

Often, children come to the workshops feeling nervous, not knowing what to expect and feeling a little reticent.  They leave, however, with big smiley faces and asking when they can come back again!  Parents tell me they are ‘full of it’ for days to come and that the tools I teach them stay with them for much longer – in some cases they share them with siblings and other family members.  Their enthusiasm and positivity is quite contagious.

Watch the video on this page and go to my Facebook page to see artwork and beautiful creations from previous workshops.

Can I get feedback on my child?

Unfortunately, in a group setting it isn’t always possible to feedback on individuals. Children tend to take what they need from the workshop (each child’s experience will be different and what is exactly right for them in the moment). Often parents get caught up in the ‘how tos’  so that they can take the workshop learnings home. The artwork brought home anchors the learnings for each child. This is about trusting the process and your child’s ability which isn’t tangible and not always easy 🙂

 What to bring

Usually, we ask you to bring a blanket for the relaxation activity, a snack and some water. You will receive an email the week before with any additional information. Keep an eye out for this as it contains a Parents Permission Form. You will need to sign this and bring it with you. It’s a legal requirement and we cannot coach your child without it.

Bookings are made and paid for online through Eventbrite. As spaces are limited, we do ask that you give 24 hours notice in the event of a cancellation. This frees up your space for another child to benefit. Thank you. If you have any questions about a workshop or booking, please email us. 

To find out which workshops we are running right now

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Thank you for the great workshop in half term. We have fantastic artwork and my daughter enjoyed a lot. Perhaps the biggest compliment to you is that she has used the ‘confidence suit’ at school. This has helped her with a tricky situation. She will definitely be coming back again! Mrs Stein, Weybridge

We were walking to school today and Poppy was telling me that she wasn’t really looking forward to it as she had PE. She then turned to me, gave me a big smile and said ‘Actually, I think I will just zip up my power suit! Thought you would like to hear that Lisa! Kerry Harrison, Woking

I learnt that I am confident……..It was useful creative fun and friendly…….I am glad I came…..The thing I enjoyed least about today was leaving…..I learnt to love what I have and not to ask for more things……It was awesome…….I wasn’t looking forward to today because my Mum told me to come but I’m glad I did, it was easy and fun…….I enjoyed decorating my poster and playing games. From Various Smiley Surrey Children

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