Kick start 2017 with a smile!

If you want to make 2017 your best year yet, you will love my Super Boosting Smiley Thought Calendar which not only helps your child create healthy habits for 2017 – meditation, gratitude, less screen time, positive thinking, but it also makes sure that these new habits stick.

Your Super Boosting Smiley Thought Calendar is a posh glossy limited edition wall calendar which features a Smiley Thought Card for the month and comes with Smiley Super Boosting stickers to get you doing more of the things which help you feel gorgeous from the inside out.

Posh Wall Calendar (Limited Edition)

  • +£2.95 P+P

Make 2017 a good year for your family!

whirlwind pic

Do you (like most of us) start off your new year  with positive thoughts and good intentions? Do you worry about your child and the pressure modern-day living puts on them? Or wonder how you can help them cope because to be honest, who set this pace? It’s ridiculously fast for you too!

Do you imagine you and your lovely family creating healthy habits like; more togetherness, less drama, more cuddles, less shouting, more sleep and less screen time? Although somehow, no sooner are the kids back to school, you find yourself slipping back into old ways! You are not alone. If you are sick of that, then maybe my blog post Top Tips for Creating Healthy Habits in 2017 might be worth a quick read.

Somehow the busyness of life takes over. Being busy stops us from connecting with the people we love. Like a whirlwind, we are swept up in it and become human doings instead of the fabulous human beings that we really are.

What’s in your whirlwind?

  • to-do lists and domestic chores
  • after school clubs and over-scheduling
  • school runs and work stress
  • homework meltdowns and bedtime wrangles
  • social media and what other people think of you?

What pulls you in and sucks the life out of you? Whatever is keeping you busy is preventing you from connecting authentically with your child. What could be more important than that?

The gift that keeps on giving!

My Super Boosting Smiley Thought Calendar has been designed with that in mind. Not only does it help your child to find healthy habits to live in the craziness of life in the 21st century. It makes sure these new ways of being become part of your daily life so you can make step-by-step changes for the better. You could have a go too if you want?


We have been using our Smiley Though Cards regularly now since Christmas and I just love what they do to our home and family life, not just the children themselves!  It really opens up the conversation about thoughts and feelings.  You get such an insight into what their little minds are thinking which is so helpful especially during really tough moments  I truly believe the cards are helping the children! Thank you.

Are you too busy?

Well then something has to give!  What can be more important than giving your children coping strategies and healthy habits so they survive in the modern-day world? Perhaps there needs to be a shift in priorities. Whatever you are busy doing needs to change. Can you step back and see it differently?

Shift your mindset

Coaching is for everybody and if we start getting into the mindset of preventative maintenance (this is why I recommend connection parenting and working out your child’s love language so you can spend special time every day together) instead of waiting for the S**T to hit the fan, then life will get much easier.

By adopting this baby-step approach to doing something small every day, little things become big things and then boom! The magic happens and before you know it, it’s as easy as brushing your teeth every morning and night. That’s a healthy habit and you created that one a long time ago.

Lisa, when I spoke to you last week, I felt like I was at rock bottom with my situation and didn’t think there were any solutions or a way of making things better. I felt helpless. I know you say you don’t have a magic wand but by the end of our conversation I did feel so much better, more positive and stronger to move forward straight away and start trying your suggestions out. You were so easy to talk to and yes I had to acknowledge my part in it all which was hard but you helped me see what parts of my behaviour were making things harder.  I am still working on that!  More importantly, as a family we have resolved the issue I called you about and things are looking a lot less bumpy as a family.  Thank you so much!

Your Super Boosting Smiley Thought Calendar

Have a look below to see all the features of your calendar. It’s awesome!



Your Super Boosting Smiley Thought Calendar is an A3 full colour limited edition wall calendar (420mm x 297mm) bound with sturdy silver wire and glossy front cover.


£12.99 + P+P (was £34.99)





Cut these out and put some blue tack on the back of each one. Keep them safe in a special box or tin nearby.

Plot them on the days of the month you want to give them a try. Remember, baby steps every day are what will lead you to happiness.





Plan all your important dates so you are organised and focused for the month ahead.

Use your Smiley Boosting Stickers to act as daily reminders to create healthy habits and pump up your happiness.

Upgrade to Smiley TV

Get online monthly coaching for your child for just £9.99 a month to stay on track with your healthy habits.

Watch the video

Want to have a look at what the calendar looks like, you can watch me sharing it for the first time in the video below. In this video I also talk about why I’m not just the girl you call in an emergency and my Top Tips for Creating Healthy Habits in 2017.

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