Smiley Thought Cards

Get Your Happy On!

Give your child the gift of daily bursts of happiness for just £19.99 plus P&P.

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Rediscover the Magic

of Parenting in a Busy World

Smiley's practical step-by-step guide to get your family back on track

Only £19.99 (includes 37 page eBook, Smiley-Ometer tracker & 2 bonus videos)

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Happy In My Bubble

Relax Smiley Stylie!

A personalised audio story to take time out of your busy life and manage stress from just  £49.99

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You’re Never Fully Dressed

Without a Smile

A Family Pack to Get Your Happy On!

£39.99 for 10 fun Smiley sessions to help the whole family handle big emotions & deal with a busy life.

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Super Boosting Smiley

Thought Calendar 2017

More Than Just a Calendar

Includes monthly subscription to SmileyTV. Kick start your 2017 prices start from £12.98

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Be the Mum YOU

Want To Be

Mini Online Training Course

£19.99 to re-write your job description and feel instantly better about yourself.

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