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Isn’t this something I should be doing as a parent?

I think you can take the weight off your shoulders and know that you cannot be all things to your child. I wrote these two blog posts There is too much pressure on parents to know and be everything to their child and Do You Ever Worry That People Will Think You Are The World’s Worst Parent? It takes a village to raise a child and having a third party that doesn’t have that emotional connection with your child is going to give you some valuable insights, as well as have a massive positive influence on your child.  


How safe are we online?

You are very safe with me. I know how to take care of you and your child online so that they feel safe and secure. Your child will feel safe because they are in the comfort of their own home and they will follow your lead. So it helps if you can be confident and comfortable with it all. 

  • The fortnightly Group Coaching Calls are held using the app Zoom (which is straight forward –  more about that later)
  • You will have a specific pin code or link which will be sent ahead of the call.
  • Children can choose to actively participate by typing into the chat roll or they can sit and watch whilst completing their workbooks. There is an option for them to speak and be seen but equally if they don’t want to, they can remain anonymous (see next question).
  • I do not share your email address or personal details with anybody. I respect your privacy.


Will other people be able to see us online?

No you will be anonymous unless you choose to introduce yourself or you contribute to the session. At the beginning of the call, you can turn off your mic and your camera so nobody can see you. You don’t even have to sign into the call with your name. You can call yourself something else or leave it empty.


What age group is this for?

Smiley Coaching is created with children in mind. It’s fun and light-hearted whilst tackling some pretty meaty subjects. This online coaching programme is for children age 9 upwards. All children are different and I guess it depends on what you think your child is capable of. Most children will take what they need to from coaching and make it relevant to them. To help you work out if this if for your child, remember:

  • they don’t have to write, they can draw or just listen
  • they need to be able to sit in front of the iPad for 45 minutes (some children find this easy while others not so much)
  • it is incredible how much children understand when they are looking for help with something
  • every child will take what they need from the call and trusting this and the process is important (read about the magic of coaching and how it works in this blog post A Sneak Peek Behind the Scenes + Some Spooky Magical Stories)
  • the energy and approach you have will influence their engagement and enthusiasm- they will follow your lead
  • it’s something you can do together or leave them to it (see question below around your involvement)
  • Maria Montessori’s approach to learning says that children of mixed ages learn so many things being together (it’s more our fears about what is babyish and what is ‘cool’ given that 18 year olds walk into my unicorn-and-rainbow-cuddly toy-littered coaching room and love it).


How does an online learning programme differ to other Smiley coaching?

Smiley 1-2-1 Bespoke Coaching is a combination of face-to-face sessions with Skype Check Ins, videos and worksheets all lovingly put together and tailored-made specifically for your child’s unique circumstances.

In a Creative Coaching Workshop 9 children come together to have fun with arts, crafts and games. Well-loved topics are confidence, friendship and worries. A workshop is a safe and relaxed space for children to explore their feelings and feel reassured that they are not alone with their struggle.

Always Be Your Selfie has been specifically put together for Wild Heart children who need a certain skill set in order to make the most of their unique gifts and thrive in the world. It is a combination of live classes, videos, worksheets, downloads which you can do all from the comfort of your own home. Parents will also be supported through the Facebook group.


We are not around on those dates.

The classes will be recorded. You can still take this programme if you are not around for the live group coaching calls and there will be lots of other opportunities to touch base with me throughout.


How does it work?

  • Book and pay online where you will be asked to complete a few quick confidential questions about your child. There is the opportunity to upgrade to VIP if you want some private 121 Smiley sessions.
  • Beforehand, you will be sent your goodie bag, all your coaching materials and added to a private Facebook group. If you want to be ready you can have a look through everything ahead of our first class.
  • Every fortnight you attend the live classes or watch the recordings. There will be creative challenges and fun things to do in between time (but not too much so you are overwhelmed).
  • Parents will get a monthly Q&A session with me so they can ask me anything they like. 

You can read more about what Smiley coaching is and how it works, check out this blog You Think You Know What Coaching Is? Think Again


Do I need to be there with my child?

You can be, but in my experience, children learn and participate more when you are not there. Sorry if that’s not what you wanted to hear! If you do watch the live classes, I will not be able to answer your concerns at that time. There is a separate Q&A session for parents. This is for the children. If you are concerned about their online safety, try an open door policy and be close by in case your child needs you.



How do I explain what this is to my child?

If it’s your first time working with me, I understand. Think about it like watching a TV programme with some fun activities to draw or write or questions to answer. Like a quiz show or watching Mr Motivator (do you remember him?!) on the TV doing an exercise class. Or if your child is a bit older it’s like watching YouTube or make the comparison with something else they enjoy doing online. Maybe let them watch me on my YouTube Channel or show them this video about why I have created this course for them.



My child is nervous, how do I get them to come?

This is normal and I’d expect them to be when they are going to try something new. They will take your lead so if you are confident and feeling excited about the programme, they will be too. What usually happens is you get so lost in the moment having fun that the time flies by and you don’t want it to end. There is no room for boredom with Smiley. You can show them my YouTube channel so they feel as if they know me already. Anxious children are looking for safety so give them age appropriate information and get them excited about coming.


I’m not good with technology and don’t think this is for us.

You don’t have to be a wizard with tech stuff. Besides maybe your children will intuitively know what to do. They seem to know way more than I do these days – I must be getting old. All you need is two things:

1- Email

The printable workbook, motivational download and instructions are delivered by email to your inbox with easy links. One click and you’re there! You will be informed of everything you need to know and do ahead of time. If you don’t hear from me, you may want to check your junk as I often fall in there.

2- Zoom

Zoom is an App which can be loaded to an iPad or computer from the App store. It’s very straight forward and you can read up on how to use Zoom beforehand. Like anything new, the first time you do it, may take some getting used to. Sometimes our fear of things new makes us think we can’t do it, but when we start rocking out something new, we feel good for mastering it and it’s never as tricky as we think it is. If you are really worried: get in touch and I will help you.


What if this isn’t enough to help my child?

If there is time I will take questions from the children about their specific concerns. In a group scenario I can’t always give individual feedback but I will try to. I am coaching in this way so that I can reach and help more children as not everybody can make it to workshops and 121 Coaching.

If you have a specific issue which you would like to discuss with me book a Parents Clarity Call and we can talk other options.


Why do you work creatively?

A Smiley creative coaching challenge is a fun activity which involves using the part of your brain that thinks less logically. It enables you to exercise the creative part of your being which is what makes you unique. Watch this video to find out how some of the most complex and emotional struggles have been overcome in coaching through story telling, metaphors, singing and drawing. You don’t have to be Picasso. Just have fun with it. There is power and magic in that pen.


Can I invite my friends?

Yes of course! The more the merrier. You can send your friend the link to sign up. Just cut and paste it into a text or an email. www.smileyforlife.com/selfie

I also think this course would be of interest to school counsellors, school SENCO workers and children who are home schooled.

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