The countdown has begun…

Are you ready?

Back to School








Imagine your child facing the new school term with

Confidence…  Determination… and a Smile!


The new school term: a fresh start?

No, not for everybody. Making the switch from the long hot Summer back to the playground can be really hard for some children.

Is your child already worrying

about going back to school?

Do you ever notice your child…

 Tossing and turning the night before school unable to settle?

 Obsessively thinking about school like a hamster on a wheel?

 Wondering what tomorrow will bring and how they will cope?

 Double checking they have remembered everything?

 Getting cross with you when you ask them anything school related?

 Worrying about what might go wrong or getting told off?

Do you just wish you could make it all better for them?

In fact, you are now dreading school just as much as they are. You are now worrying about them worrying….it’s basically a big pile of worries! 

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could send them off to school knowing that they were happy? That you could trust that whatever happened, they had the tools to cope?

If they had the confidence to believe in themselves (just like you do)?

You would know that they were safe then wouldn’t you?

Imagine how good you will both feel

…when you pick them up from school and see them smiling!

Thank you so much. We have our happy boy back! we all feel so much better and we can use the approaches we have. I think his confidence will help to get him through. What you do is super important to all the children you help and their families. Thank you for being Smiley Lisa!

Mel, Farnham

 What If…

 your conversation in the car on the way home was all about what a good day they’d had?

 there was a way to stop the whirring thoughts and get to sleep more peacefully?

 you didn’t have to hear about that teacher or that boy one more time?

 your child was finally free of worrying about getting it wrong or making mistakes?

 you remembered you were on the same team and it felt easy and joyful?

 the underlying tension turned into quality time so you could both enjoy your evening?

 instead of complaining and resisting school, your child saw learning in a more positive way?

 your child had the tools to deal with their worries and fears around school?

How amazing would that be?

We sometimes forget that children are hardwired to struggle and the more we allow them to, the more they can bounce back from life’s challenges. The buzz word around emotional resilience is called having a ‘growth mindset’.

They already have all the magical ingredients, they just need somebody to help them unlock this stuff and remind them of their greatness.

Guess what?


That is my Super Power!

Everybody has one. Don’t you? 

Once you realise you have everything you need to reach your full potential, you are winning! I help children to feel empowered and trust in themselves to handle whatever life throws their way. I fire up their self belief and self confidence so they are ready to face their fears. 

It’s the start of year 9 for us tomorrow and I wanted to drop you a line to let you know how we are getting on. Last night, my daughter wrote a list of things to remember for the morning and she stuck it on the front door. I didn’t read it until this morning, but it said: ‘Governor letter, bus money, lunch money, dance kit, HAPPY THOUGHTS!’ The last bit gave me a lump in my throat as I wanted you to know the difference you made and it’s still there a year later. Thank you!

Mandy, Staines

I know how hard this is for your child

It’s exhausting and it can consume them (and you). I know how long it took me to work out what it was I needed to do to make my life easier – happier even. (40 years to be precise and a lot of therapy, but you can read that story another day).

I have helped hundreds of anxious children

turn their worries upside down and feel better about going to school.

Here are some of the truly amazing children that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I love seeing them succeed. Nothing makes me happier than watching them overcome their fears and find their own way. 

After all, this was me growing up

Transitions (moving from one place or person or event to another) were really tricky for me and I would get really bad separation anxiety when I was away from my family. It affected my learning and it stopped me from making the most out of school.

As it turns out, I did OK really because I was a perfectionist and I did everything over and above what was necessary. I wasn’t planning on failing and although I wasn’t the smartest in the class, I worked really hard. I was exhausted and I found it hard to sleep.  I wondered why it was so hard for me because I tried really hard and I just wish that somebody could see that. It made me sad and lonely. 

I don’t want that for other children

You are not alone!

Nobody (least of all your child) needs to be alone with all these feelings and confusion. So, I have created a wonderful toolkit of simple, fun and practical techniques to help your child overcome their fears and empower them to feel good about themselves and enjoy life more. (hint: it’s an inside job!).


Live Confidence Coaching 

Quite hard to describe unless you’ve experienced them

I’m not one to do things by halves, I’m going to try …

A mini workout for your child’s brain to release those feel good endorphins

 A reassuring hug to chase away your child’s worries away

 That favourite old teddy bear to comfort your child when they wobble 

A Personal Trainer to encourage your child when they’re about to give up

 A computer programme for your child’s brain to train it to think differently

A kind and gentle nudge when your child has lost their self belief

Power up your brain after the long Summer

Even better… you don’t even have to leave the house (because children who feel like this about school often find transitions tricky).

You will be in excellent company too

A group of gorgeous children who just like you have all of those icky feelings about school. There will be no judgement and you will realise that how you feel is normal, acceptable and more common than you know (priceless and massively healing). You will be safe online and taken care of by Smiley who understands completely how you feel.

That sounds like just what we need Smiley! 

But how are you going to do that?

On Thursday 31st July and Friday 1st September I’m going to do a 60-minute live coaching call via the internet and into your home which will get your child ready for school. For the exact techie details and how that works – it’s dead simple, check out the Frequently Asked Questions.

There is a step-by-step formula that will teach your child how to….

 get a handle on those back to school worries

nail those first day back nerves 

 keep themselves safe at school even they feel wobbly on the inside

take back their power and make the most out of school

feel good about themselves even when their grades say something else

cope with the pressure of homework

 work out what is stopping you from wanting to go to school

 get school-ready and ditch the drama

My daughter really enjoys coaching and describes you as: ‘The lady who takes her worries away!’ Sometimes Mums and Dads can’t do it on their own. It warms my heart to hear her chatting to you so comfortably and takes a huge weight off my shoulders when I know it’s not just all down to me to help her find solutions.

Mrs Guest, Camberley

What’s involved…

60 minute Live Coaching Call with Smiley

a 121 Coaching Programme with me costs £549, so seize this chance to work with me for considerably less. You will be able to get involved as much or as little as you wish. You can even remain anonymous if you want to or wait for the recording and watch it without group interaction.  

 Printable Workbook 

with useful notes, tips and reminders, as well as space for you to make notes (or draw if you prefer – this is not school).

 Motivational Download

to watch every morning before you go to school so you can get back in the Smiley zone and remind yourself of all the great stuff you have learned.

 Smiley Bonus: Printable Smiley Thought Boosting Calendar 

which comes with little cut out and keep stickers to help you remember the important stuff, take back control and get organised for the months ahead. You can see the calendar here

Special Offer Introductory Price of £29.99

until 7th August (£45 thereafter)

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