This has been such an eye opener and a whole new world of thinking for me. I’ve loved it! Being a parent is a job I massively underestimated but when you have all this information at your fingertips and presented in such a way it is so helpful. It keeps you feeling positive even on those really tough days. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

I love the group. I find if I don’t do my morning SMILE, it’s never quite the same. It’s amazing how a few minutes can really set your day up differently.

Does everybody feel like this? Is this normal? It’s all too much!

This is what I hear Mums say a lot and I wonder how I can help them with that. Adulting can be hard sometimes. You just can’t do it. You need a break. I think being a Mum can be a tough job and I think that Mums deserve to be supported in a Smiley way so that they can grow with their children.

Don’t know what to do in the heat of the moment?

Not sure why your child is behaving thaaaat way?

Worried you might have got it wrong or doubting your good self?

Smiley’s Monthly Master Class is designed to help you understand more about yourself so you can be the best parent for YOUR child. It’s about finding your way and making changes with some practical and proven Smiley parenting principles. It will help you:-

  • feel more confident and reassured
  • learn how to make parenting less stressful
  • be motivated and energised
  • feel understood and supported
  • re-set your emotional thermostat
  • be more connected to your child
  • happier in your skin as a Mum

 Smiley Heart-to-Hearts When You Need Them

When you sign up for my Monthly Master Class you also get access to my Secret Facebook Group Chatty Club from your phone, tablet or laptop. All you need is a Facebook account and from as little as £8.50 a month you will get Smiley support on the go.

I’ve had a great night’s sleep and woken up feeling a hundred times better than in previous weeks. I had connection time with my kids this morning and we all used a Smiley Thought Card. I praised their reading and they went off to school happy.

If you enjoyed Smiley’s 30-Day Parenting Challenge, then Chatty Club is definitely for you!

You can access Chatty Club on the go from your phone or tablet. With so much at your finger tips, you will get:-

  • The chance to chat with Smiley and ask her anything you like about children and family life (yes I’m really in there every day)
  • A safe place where you feel understood and appreciated
  • Daily love and support for all that you do and all that you are
  • Encouragement for when you’ve had a bad day
  • Sensible and practical advice and suggestions when you are stuck
  • The confidence to believe in and listen to your Mum-tuition
  • The courage to be yourself without judgement

You will also get:

  • A library of reading resources, videos and helpful articles which you can dive into whenever you want
  • Tried and tested coaching techniques used by Smiley for small people (they really work!)
  • FREE activity sheets and trackers to help you on your journey
  • A monthly Master Class which helps you find a style of parenting that works for you and you family (you can access all the previous classes once you are in the club)

Check out our planned agenda:


Monday: Mummy Time Monday

where you will be asked to commit to one action of self care for the week

Tuesday: Time to Connect Tuesday

where you will be creatively thinking to come up with ways to love you children more. Connection is at the heart of my work and so if you haven’t done already, sign up for my free eBook to discover the magic of parenting this way.

Wednesday: Whatsssup Wednesday

a chance for you to get your questions answered by Smiley Lisa and get support from the other lovely Mums

Thursday: Time to Connect Thursday

see Tuesday (!)

Friday: Feel Good Friday

for sharing things we love about our lives and families. Hopefully creating a lovely energy of gratitude and happiness to start the weekend.

Every Day: The Morning SMILE

watch the video below to see what that involves. it’s about creating new habits and integrating them into every day family life so you can become the parent you want to be.

Monthly: Master Class

where I will tackle a different topic every month to give you helpful tools and parenting know how so you can stop the struggle. This will be a webinar which will be me talking about something you have asked for help with, a worksheet so you can get something out of it and a Q&A section so you can ask me if you are not sure. Previous topics have been:

  1. Back to School Q&A

  2. Using Love Languages to Connect with your Child

  3. Be the Mummy You Want to Be

  4. Using Gratitude to Save Your Sanity

  5. How to Really Listen with Love

pic for webinar



Chatty Club is for who Mums who:

  • want to get comfortable with the uncomfortableness of being a real Mum (as opposed to one who is pretending to be perfect)
  • want to roll up their sleeves and find their role as a Mum on their own terms (not how your Mum did it or didn’t do it or how you think society expects you to do it)
  • want to make Mummydom work for them
  • want to try new ways of relating to their children
  • are open to change
  • want to put the enjoyment back into family life
  • want to press pause, stand back and reflect
  • want a sounding board and supportive community of Mums to guide them
  • want professional coaching support through a private group
  • want to feel heard, understood and confident in their ability as a Mum
  • want to learn to tune into their Mum-tuition




If you are already part of my uplifting and informative Facebook community, (we have over 1k members now), you will be familiar with the Smiley way of coaching: kind, loving, non judgemental, positive and honest. My intention is to help and ensure that families get what they need to live in harmony.

I have so many private messages from Mums telling me that they read my page every night and even though they don’t comment or see every post, they are getting the confidence, coaching support and knowledge they need to grow as a parent. Chatty Club takes that winning formula to another level by giving you daily coaching support and a chance to have your say in a private group.

Get to know your child. Get to know yourself.

Having a place where you can offload and feel heard or understood is massively healing. All that empathy, love, validation and support will help you embrace your vulnerability. Connecting to others in this way gives you the courage and freedom to be real. If you are real, then you don’t have to hold it all together and you aren’t living in fear of judgement or comparing yourself to other Mums who seem to ‘have it all.’



Chatty Club is perfect for busy Mums who are already on Facebook, but may not comment or interact as they are aware this will be seen by friends and family in their newsfeed. With a Secret Facebook Group everything you type and share is just that – totally private. It cannot be seen by anybody else on Facebook (apart from other Chatty Club members). It is not searchable on Google and cannot be found on Facebook. That’s why you need an invite.

  • Sign up and pay online
  • You will also be sent a copy of the rules and a welcome note telling you how to make the most of the club
  • You will be asked to send the email address that you log onto Facebook with
  • You will be sent an invitation to join Chatty Club (as it’s a Secret Facebook Group, you can only join by invitation only)
  • Once you accept the invitation you will have access to the Private Facebook Group
  • You will be formally introduced to the Group where you can tell us a bit about yourselves (or not if you prefer to observe for a while until you are comfortable with how the group works)
  • You are free to post or comment on other people’s post as often as you wish (whilst respecting the Group rules)
  • You are free to unsubscribe and leave at any time



Monthly Membership Pay As You Go

£8.50 per month

If you are a follower of my work you will know that I deal with all manner of subjects. At the core of my work is emotional intelligence and connection. For Mums I want them to focus on self care. If they are not firing on all cylinders or self-aware, it makes Mummydom harder. We will be chatting about a whole range of topics and also sharing our experiences so other Mums can benefit.

  • Big overwhelming emotions like – anxiety, anger and sadness
  • Bedtimes
  • Meal times
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Worrying and overthinking
  • Homework meltdowns
  • Emotional outbursts (from your children and you!)
  • Positive Parenting techniques
  • House rules / family mission statements
  • Fostering independence
  • Love and what it means to your family
  • Self care and looking after you


To be a member of Chatty Club, you will need to

If you wish to cancel your membership, you must notify us in writing and remove yourself from the Group.


I did my morning SMILE and enjoyed the beautiful sky and the stillness in the air. Listening to the birds and drinking my tea in the garden helps me to take a deep breath before the day begins. My affirmation for the day was the Smiley Thought Card which said: ‘I’m gentle with myself and others.’ It has helped this morning with my son who was angry about having to go to school. I was more gentle and understanding which helped move the mood on quicker than usual. I am hopeful that today will be better than yesterday.

Join Chatty Club Now


Thank you so much for Chatty Club Lisa. It’s definitely had a positive impact on my week. I feel motivated and supported by the group. It reassures me and makes me think more. I really value the chance to ask you questions every week and also to step back and also have the quiet time every day to reflect on what is going on with me and my kids.

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