How much worrying is too much?

Does your child over think things and become quite preoccupied?

I’ve coached children who worry to the point where their parents don’t share too far in advance anything new or different with them.  Now of course, they cannot go through life being protected from change.  In fact, as a parent, your wish for your children would probably be for them to go through life being excited about the new and different.

I was a huge worrier growing up and even though I’ve become better as an adult, there are still times when unexpected change or can throw me.  These children need to feel safe and understand that everything will be OK.  At Super Kids Saturday Club, we recently explored how worrying doesn’t change anything nor does it help us to feel good about any situation. We did this by creating a board game.  Look at what we did.

Using the crafty bits and pieces below, we had to create a board game.










We were given a backpack of rocks.  Each rock was a worry and we wrote it down on a piece of paper.  We created a blue river from the sparkly card.  On the other side of the river was our goal.  We wrote things like: to read aloud in front of the class, to stand up to people who are mean to me.


The object of the game was to cross the sparkly blue river with our backpack of rocks. We could do this by converting our heavy rocks into stepping stones.  Thus converting our worries into positive thoughts or affirmations that would help us to reach our goal.  We found it very empowering when we knew that we were in control of our worries and that we could make it better for ourselves.

One little boy made an excellent observation which I captured on my Facebook page.

worries are brain criminals


One parent emailed me that later in the day to say:

‘My Son came buzzing from your club this morning. It was so sweet listening him explaining his imaginary story on the King, and this little boy turning the kingdom into a happy world – he wrote almost a page of his story on paper to share with you next week, all with his own willing!!: ) He loves using creativity and imagination and we loved hearing about the board game and how the worry rocks turning into helpful stepping stones : ) he really is enjoying it Lisa. It is a great platform for them to express themselves even more! ‘




The magic of creative coaching comes to life

During these shared coaching groups because the children find comfort in the fact that there are others who feel the same way that they do and they also support each other because they are able to really empathise and understand how it feels. To find out more about shared coaching groups on a Saturday morning, please call me now on 07810 540242.










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