Have you got the definition of true confidence wrong?

It was all colour and creativity this week at The Energy Pod when we explored the energy of our auras (energy fields). We drew them and talked about what blocked our energy in these 7 charkas (energy centres) which can be found in different parts of our body. Check...

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What ONE thing are we all searching for?

Connection. It's what we are all here for. A baby would die without physical touch A child needs a blankie or a teddy to comfort them when you are not there A child who is bullied or excluded feels the pain of not belonging Old people can die of loneliness or a broken...

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Are you shaming your child without realising it?

I was so shocked this week at The Energy Pod as Mums cried when they realised how their children truly felt about being angry. I can categorically say that I grew up with the belief that nice girls don't get angry which of course, is total and utter rubbish. Nice...

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Can You Prevent Addiction in Your Child?

I jumped onto Facebook this week to express my frustration around the ignorance of addiction and mental health, offering my support to Ant McPartlin who seems to be in the throes of some sort of crisis following his recent stint in rehab for addiction (to...

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What Your Worried Child Needs Most of All

This week, I jumped online to talk about what your anxious child needs most of all In this video you will hear me talk about: 2:23 Why the world we live in is anxiety provoking 6:54 What it means when you have a worried brain (it's still a healthy brain)...

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Do you find it hard to let other people in?

Oh yes! You are in really good company, I find it hard too. So if you would like to take that pressure off yourself and learn to do it differently, continue reading this blog and see how big the rewards are when you make that choice to let go! You aren't...

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7 Ways to Find the Courage to Be Different

This week, I ventured up town in the snow to meet my friend at The Ritz for high tea. If you follow me on Instagram, you will have followed my little grump about taking the train and how it's just too peoplely. You will also have seen my bedroom being...

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