How to Stop Going Bananas at Bedtime

This week, I've spoken to two frazzled Mums who were desperate for some 'me' time after their kids had gone to bed. That was not to be because they had spend most of their evening running up and down the stairs or negotiating bed time. Instead of tucking in their...

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28 Ways to Instantly Create a Happy Vibe in Your Home

I call it 'The Magic' At the end of every coaching session, we choose a Smiley Thought Card. In that moment, something fabulous happens. Every single time, children pull the card which reflects back to them everything we've discussed in our session together. It...

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How Gratitude is a Super Power That Can Save Your Sanity

The love in me sees the love in you! That's what Namaste means to me. It's such a beautiful expression. Love is a powerful thing and we often mistake what love is and what it does. I try to write about it in all its different guises. For me it's a doing word - easy to...

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How to Get Motivated When You Just Want to Hibernate

Happy New Year I don't know if you saw a recent video I posted on Facebook (it's so cute; you have to see it). This little girl explains precisely how I feel about New Year's resolutions: *pulls a grumpy face* Here's the thing: Change doesn't happen in one big moment....

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Start Every Day in 2017 With a Smile

So you want to start every day with a smile? I started today with a smile and my halo is twinkling brightly as I return from an afternoon stroll in the park. I've totally given up on the gym as it's completely uninspiring. Instead I aim to spend more time in nature...

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