Your child’s most wanted gifts this Christmas

My Smiley Christmas Gift for you! The energy of Christmas is full on and all that magical sparkle makes it tricky for your child to settle at bedtime. So I've created this little download to help and it's my Christmas gift to you. Simply, enter your details and it...

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8 Ways to Raise Your Child’s Self Esteem

How about making a ‘Why I Love You So Much’ poster? We often assume and take for granted that our child knows that we love them. Sometimes, though, our love gets lost in the busyness of life or they can’t hear us. Pop your details in here and...

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10 Ways perfectionism is created in children

Perfectionism: it's exhausting and holds you prisoner to an unachievable way of life which makes you miserable. I want to see if any of these behaviours are showing up in your house and how you might be unknowingly contributing towards them. I said 'unknowingly'...

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What does your strong-willed sensitive child need?

Do you find yourself in regular power struggles? Your child is very determined and yet at the same time very sensitive. It's an awesome combination which doesn't respond well to mainstream or old school parenting. In my work, I've discovered that connection parenting...

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Do you have a strong-willed sensitive child?

Recently I was collating some questionnaires for my Boundaries Master Class, it dawned on me. One of those big face plant moments where you think: 'Doh! Why didn't I think of that?' The numbers were low for the class because of course, you already know how to set...

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Are you really + truly listening?

This was originally an epic Facebook post which first reached over 10,000 people and I thought it was too good not to make a permanent feature on my blog as a reminder of the importance of really and truly listening. Strong-willed sensitive children need a voice and...

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