Why Perfectionists Get Anxious At Exam Time

Hi I'm Lisa and I'm a recovering perfectionist ......... and I have learnt how to live with myself, be kinder to myself. It has taken me many years and I wish it hadn't. Perfectionism drives you crazy and it's exhausting. Especially at this time of the year when all...

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How to Step into Your Power + Stick Up for Yourself

This week, I've had to deal with some pretty tricky builders  who have told big fibs and been unreliable. It has called upon me to be brave and confront them with my powerful voice. I find this difficult. I think we all do. Nobody relishes conversations like that. The...

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What makes you weird is what makes you wonderful!

On this week's Dear Smiley a child wrote to me asking me about her tricky friend. I gave lots of tips (so you may wanna hop over to YouTube and watch the playback) I was talking about making sure that you are yourself. Of course you are, who else are you going to...

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How to Deal With Tricky Friends + Still Be a Nice Person

We all have a tricky friend, don't we? Is it that our friend is truly mean, bossy or demanding? Or maybe we are just drawn to people with big personalities which means we don't have to make decisions, take charge or say no. Saying no makes us feel bad. Like somehow we...

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