Protected: Do you have a strong-willed sensitive child?

Recently I was collating some questionnaires for my Boundaries Master Class, it dawned on me. One of those big face plant moments where you think: 'Doh! Why didn't I think of that?' The numbers were low for the class because of course, you already know how to set...

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Are you really + truly listening?

This was originally an epic Facebook post which first reached over 10,000 people and I thought it was too good not to make a permanent feature on my blog as a reminder of the importance of really and truly listening. Strong-willed sensitive children need a voice and...

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Protected: Who always gets the blame in your house?

Is it Daddy? Is it Mummy? Did the dog do stinky trump again? Oh no it's not my fault! In houses where punishment is used children start to fib or refuse to accept responsibility for their actions. It's scary for them to get things 'wrong' so they learn to avoid...

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Sorry seems to be the hardest word

I'm sorry. Two small words. When said sincerely makes a massive difference. In a relationship which is loving, respectful and kind, I'm sorry is a regular feature. Do you remember that song by Elton John? I think the boy band Blue covered it as well. Sorry seems to be...

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5 Smiley Steps to Setting Boundaries

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe><!-- [et_pb_line_break_holder] --> This week, I've been doing some personal work on boundaries with the lovely Terri Cole. One...

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Why Punishment Doesn’t Work (part 2)

If you didn't see the first part of this post, rewind a minute and go there first before you read the second post in this series of Why Punishment Doesn't Work. So let's look at what often triggers children when they are angry. What Key Triggers for children do you...

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Why Punishment Doesn’t Work (part 1)

I don’t believe in punishment. As a coach I understand the psychological effects that it can have on brain development. I’ll always blog about what is coming up in my coaching room and this one is no different. What do you think came up in this year's Summer Club as...

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