Do You Know How To Banish Back to School Blues for Good?

September.  Autumn Term. Goodbye Summer Fun. Old familiar routine that we've missed or new unknown chapter that makes us wobble?  Yikes! It hasn't happened yet and we don't know what it will look like. Change is unknown and scary if we don't have the confidence to...

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Starting The New School Term With Confidence

I recently held a live interactive Master Class to help with the transition of going Back to School. So let's delve in fly on the wall stylie and find out exactly what was said. This is a transcript of the first 20 minutes of the recording to protect the member's...

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The Weird, The Wonderful + 1 year after Coaching

I truly love my job How many people can say that? That's because weird and wonderful stuff happens to me every week and I never know what I'm going to get. So this week, I Skyped a snail. Shrek magically shaped a very interesting coaching session about the importance...

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What’s on your book shelf this Summer?

I'm so excited about my new Cosy Corner I could burst! Isn't it beautiful?  Inspired by all the images I have been saving on my 'For the Home Pinterest board (I've been creating a husbands board too!!! 😉), I finally got my very own corner of hand-craft shelves...

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You Think You Know What Coaching Is? Think Again…..

'Smiley Coaching is only for problem children!' *picks up jaw off the floor and sighs* These are the people that need to read this the most. Yep. I actually heard somebody say this the other day. It was followed up with 'We don't need it. You know, we are not perfect,...

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Are You Ready for Smiley Coaching?

There is usually a catalyst which sparks off  Smiley Coaching. Weekly, I get calls about:- bullying (mostly by exclusion, on social media or with a lack of school support) conflict (friends, parents, siblings) exam and homework stress (can we please ban homework? we...

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Are You Breaking Up with Me?

How much do you love that classic Friends one-liner? Did you smile watching that? Breaking up is hard to do, but as the school year comes to a close, this particular break up is as welcome as the return of Ant and Dec's I'm A Celebrity in the Autumn. I'm on countdown....

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How to Handle Clingyness without Losing your Cool

The first part of this blog post is about helping children deal with separation anxiety and effectively learning about how to get comfortable with endings, goodbyes and transitions. It also tells you about my story and why I truly  understand what this feels like for...

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