12 Days of Smiley Christmas

Stay Frazzle-Free in the Silly Season Every day on Facebook, I showed up in my silly hat and shared my morning cuppa with you. For 12 days I gave you: A Smiley Thought Card  A top tip to help you cope with the stress of Christmas A challenge so you can help yourself...

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I’m Not Just the Girl You Call In An Emergency

Sliding has been the theme of my week, and the first ‘slide’ I want to talk to you about is the Smiley Thought Card one. Watch the video and see how that works - such fun! The second thing that was a bit slidey was me stupidly driving around with bald tyres! So on...

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Are You Addicted to Busyness?

When did life get so super crazy busy? I jumped online this week to try and slow the pace down. It feels like we have created a world for children which perpetuates stress. If you've read my Letter to a Busy Mum then you'll know how this massively affects your child...

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Starting The New School Term With Confidence

Every month, in Chatty Club, there is a Smiley Master Class which is not only an opportunity for the Mums to come together and share but also a chance to learn and get support with what they find most challenging. September's Master Class dealt with Back to School. So...

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Is this wrong?

This is what I would ask you if I was looking for your approval. As much as I am opening to listening to what you think, I have to make my own decisions and work out what is 'right' for me. You cannot tell me what is right for me and if you think you know or you can,...

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What is normal anyway?

Would you believe I get asked 'Is my child normal?' more than I'd like to admit. I like to think it roughly translates into: 'Please can you reassure me that everything is OK here.' For me, normal is about meeting a required standard and being a certain way that is...

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You’re Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

This week I've been having major insecurities about my physical appearance. I'm not digging for compliments and I genuinely appear to have some sort of body dysmorphia. To overcome this, I've been doing more videos and studying Ruth Langsford's Instagram videos so I...

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How to Find Your Summer Smile and Keep It!

We usually associate the Summer with down time and a break from school. A chance to have fun and relax. How about this year, we use the extra time to create new habits which serve us long into the new school term and prepare us to face September? If I said: it's fun...

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The One Thing That Guarantees Connection With Your Child

When I observe Mums with their children, sometimes I cry. I literally get a lump in my throat as I can feel how much love there is between them. Yesterday I wanted to cry but it felt like a knife to my heart because I saw something which really upset me I was waiting...

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