I’m so glad you are here.

If you are looking for somebody to help your child make the most out of life and see all the amazingness that they are, then you’re in the right place. Thanks for popping by.

Here at Smiley HQ I make it my business to ensure that there are less misunderstood, sad, lonely hurting children and more happy, confident and emotionally resilient ones. Here’s the thing, we can’t make life more certain or the world safer, but we can give children the tools to manage and bounce back from it.

Do you have a strong-willed sensitive child?

I call them Wild Hearts because they will not be tamed, so their energy is big but they are incredibly sensitive. It’s likely that you already know if you have a Wild Heart as you frequently find yourself in power struggles, mop up tsunamis of feelings and  feel quite overwhelmed. If you are not sure if that’s your child, check here.

I’ve taken tried and tested life coaching techniques and created fun, magical and practical tools to help make growing up for Wild Hearts that little bit easier. I can coach your child to move beyond their struggle, inspire and motivate them, and help them discover that they already have everything they need inside of them.


Make yourself at home here!

There are lots of ways you can work with me, but I would recommend having a good look around and take some time to read my blog which is packed with information which will leave you wondering: ‘Why didn’t I realise that before?’

There are heaps of freebies, my very popular Smiley Thought Cards for developing a growth mindset and the Online Learning Den where you can learn from the comfort of your own home. Click here to see a little infographic which might get you started.


Want to get to know me better?

Tune in to the popular podcast Truly Madly Smiley or you can come and hang out in the Energy Pod, my fun and light-hearted weekly workout for families who are committed to prioritising their emotional wellbeing. If you’re still not sure, book a call with me and we’ll chat it through.


Let’s stay in touch!

Make sure we are connected by signing up for my newsletter. As your pen pal, I will be sure to update you with any new workshops, podcasts, classes or events and I will not give your details away to anybody.

I hope we get to speak or meet in person really soon.



Smiley x

Episode 2 – The One With the Dark Dark Night

Episode 2 – The One With the Dark Dark Night

If you are afraid of the dark, have no fear because Smiley is here! I am too and I want to share with you some of the helpful things I did growing up which might help you too. Or if you have a friend that is scared of the dark, maybe you could...

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Do you know if your child is truly happy?

Speak to Smiley

My dream is for all children to feel gorgeous from the inside out. I want them to know who they are, feel comfortable in their own skin and have a worry free attitude towards life. I think I’ve got the best job in the world: helping children to be their best selves using creativity and fun.

5 Things Your Child Needs to Thrive

5 Things Your Child Needs to Thrive

It's Mental Health Awareness Week (14th - 20th May) and I want to do my bit on educating and increasing awareness about mental health. This year's campaign asks the question: Thriving or Striving? That's in relation to how we live in this crazy busy world...

The Energy Pod

A fun, light-hearted weekly workout for your family’s mental & emotional wellbeing with practical tools for handling all your emotions.

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Smiley Fun Sheets

Each episode of Truly Madly Smiley has a fun sheet or activity for you to try. You will be making those Smiley tips come to life in no time at all!

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My Smiley Shop

From cards, videos & fun sheets to detailed online learning packs; I’ve created a tonne of helpful stuff so the whole family can Get Their Happy On!

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